Sterea History

Information about the History of Sterea, in Greece but also information about the history of many locations of the region: A great part of the Greek history has been developed in Sterea, an important part of Greece. Sterea is traced back to the Neolithic times, according to the excavations and archaeological findings in Delphi, Aliartos, and Chalkida. Avlida was the starting point for the expedition of the Trojan War. In classical antiquity, the city-states of Sterea are at their prime and most importantly the center of the Greek land due to the Sanctuary of Delphi. The Sterea history has been marked with the arrival of the Roman and then the Byzantine Empire. Monuments of these periods attract thousands of visitors.

During the Frankish domination, we have the construction of many castles and fortresses. With the Ottoman Empire dominating Sterea, it became a base of operations and during the Greek revolution, it was often used as a battle theatre. During the German occupation and the national resistance, there is a repetition of the heroic battles from the Greek revolution. Historic fights and military efforts which took place in Sterea Greece have become the landmarks in Greek history.

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