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Town Nafpaktos: Nafpaktos is a charming destination located near the Gulf of Corinth. It is set on an exuberant vegetable slope, creating the perfect combination between mountain and sea landscapes. The seaside town is located 42 km from Mesolongi and 10 km from Antirio. Nafpaktos is a busy town well catered for tourists with accommodation options for all tastes and budgets as well as a wide variety of restaurants, taverns, and shops.

It is an ideal place for those seeking alternative tourism and it can be visited all year round. Over the last years, Nafpaktos has become more and more popular, attracting a big number of visitors in Winter. One of the reasons of this tendency, apart from the attractive city sights, is that at only 30 km lies one of the most beautiful mountainous regions of the Western Greece.

There are a lot of places to visit in this nice city. The Castle that sits on the top of a hill dominates the landscape and is a popular attraction for tourists. It was built in 1407. This is an excellent opportunity to take a walk up to the castle, admire the panoramic views to the sea and enjoy beautiful sunsets. There is also the historic center of the city and the Botsaris mansion which are also nice places to visit.

A visit at the Venetian castle is a fascinating experience. You will be able to see how people from different eras built on top of pre-existing structures. In ancient times the walls were just large stones. In the period of the Crusaders, on the top of the ancient walls, people built new fortifications and added a harbor inside the walls. Time passed by and the Ottoman Empire occupied the place. The Turks built on top of the Norman walls. These changes continued along time. A walk around the harbor is an enjoyable way to see the rests of this fort and end the day at one of the picturesque cafes of the area.

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