Sterea Festivals

Information about the Festivals in Sterea, in Greece but also information about the festivals and panigiria in many locations of the region: The region of Sterea consists of beautiful areas with great historical interest. The town of Sterea is mostly visited by Greek tourists and they keep intact their daily paces of life. Festivals in Sterea are strongly connected to the local communities.
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Religious festivals

Agios Georgios

On April 23rd, there is a large festival in Arachova on the occasion of the feast of Agios Georgios. This feast lasts for 3 days and revives many old traditions.

Saint Simeon

The historical monastery of Saint Simeon in Mesolongi celebrates twice a year, on February 2nd and on the Holy Spirit Day. The locals gather outside the monastery and organize horse races, traditional dancing and lamb spitting.

Cultural events

Exodus Festival in Mesolongi

Every year, on the Palm Sunday, there is the Commemoration of Exodus in Mesolongi. The festivities include a large school and military parade in the central streets of the town and honoring speeches to the heroes of the Greek Revolution in the Garden of Heroes.

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