Mesolongi Monastery of Saint Simeon

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Location: Town

The Monastery of Agios Simeon in Mesolongi Greece, Sterea: The Monastery of Agios Simeon (Ai-Simios, as it is called by the locals) is found 8 km from Mesolongi. Surrounded by a region of lush greenery and running waters, this monastery was originally established in 1740 during the Ottoman rule. Its katholikon (main church) has late-Byzantine architecture and there are few cells on the side of the church.

This monastery has great historical importance for the locals as it was the meeting point for the residents of Mesolongi after the Exodus on April 10th, 1826. However, the Exodus was unsuccessful, most people were killed and only a few managed to get to the monastery and then escape in the mountains. To revenge for this, the Turks burnt down the monastery, which was rebuilt 10 years later, in 1836, by a local bishop. Few meters from the monastery, there is a large white cross to commemorate for the people who lost their lives in the Exodus.

The Monastery of Agios Simeon celebrates twice a year, on February 2nd and on the weekend of the Holy Spirit (movable festival, usually in June). In fact, on the festival of the Holy Spirit, there is a large celebration with traditional dancing on the yard outside the monastery.



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