Sterea Villages

Information about the Villages of Sterea, in Greece but also information about villages in many locations of the region: Sterea is actually the prefecture of central Greece. A drive in this region, so close to Athens, will bring visitors to many lovely towns and Sterea villages. Arachova is the most popular spot of Sterea, receiving mostly winter visitors due to its three ski centers on the slopes of Mount Parnassus (Arachova). Other popular winter destinations in Sterea are Karpenisi and the picturesque villages of Nafpaktos.

The region of Sterea also offers many summer places, most ideal for family holidays. Itea, Galaxidi, and Nafpaktos are only a few of these relaxing summer places, located in the Corinthian Gulf and distinguishing for their lovely architecture. In general, the Sterea villages, either mountainous or seaside, offer an alternative destination only a couple of hours' drive from Athens.

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