Mesolongi Tourlida islet

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Location: Tourlida

The islet of Tourlida is located in the infamous lagoon of Mesolongi, 5 km from the main town, within a natural setting of unique beauty and environmental significance. It is named after “tourlides”, a bird species that used to nest in its grounds.

Though small is size, Tourlida is inhabited mostly by fishermen and constitutes a rather picturesque scenery, with the traditional “pelades” (the houses of the fishermen) seemingly floating on the still surface of the water. The charming island is located in the so-called “Black Saline” area comparing to the “White” one that produces sea salt of superior quality.

Tourlida is linked to the mainland via road since 1885, and you can get there on a quick ride either by car or bike while a walk by the sea is highly recommended to appreciate the outstanding beauty of the lagoon. The island offers an amazing view to the sunset and a visit in the afternoon is a must.



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