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Tourism in Spetses is great for families with kids, couples, and groups of friends alike!

Spetses is one of the most picturesque islands in the Saronic Gulf, characterized by its beautifully well-preserved settlement and the lush vegetation that covers the whole island. Despite its small size, it is quite cosmopolitan and a major attraction for tourists and Athenians.
All ferries reach Dapia, the island's port, which is surrounded by the quaint Spetses Town. Before even disembarking, visitors can marvel at the enticing architecture of the village, featuring several elegant neoclassical mansions. The traditional wooden boats and the small water taxis along the port can not be omitted by the eye, as they add to the quaintness of the scenery. The historical and world-famous Poseidonion Hotel is located right opposite the port and, to this day, is regarded as an attraction that lodges thousands of visitors from all over the world every summer.

Most sights in Spetses are located within walking distance from Dapia. For a detailed orientation and look at the island's past, one can pay a visit to the Bouboulina Museum (hosted in the mansion of the legendary heroine Bouboulina Laskarina) and Hatzigiannis Mexis Mansions, which has undergone some changes to now serve as the Spetses Museum. Both are a tribute to the long nautical history and tradition of the island. Even the Metropolitan Church, church of Agios Nikolaos, is proof of that since it is dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors.

Baltiza is the old port of the island and the ideal location to wander during the day and visit for a drink at night! The Old Harbor lies 1.5 km away from Dapia and used to be a crucial shipbuilding center of Greece, as the boatyards around it can testify. Today, yachts, sailboats and fishing boats moor at the lovely harbor, transforming it into a magical setting where the past and present coexist in harmony. At the tiny peninsula right of the harbor lie the Lighthouse of Spetses and the church of Panagia Armata. The impressive re-enaction of the Armata Naval Battle and the firework show succeeding it as the most eminent events of the Armata Festival take place at Baltiza every September.
After the sun sets, Baltiza becomes the most lively place on the island! Being home to several modern bars and clubs, is the best location to get a taste of Spetses' nightlife!

Beaches are another common reason people fall in love with the island, as exotic and peaceful beaches are found along its coastline. All of them boast turquoise glimmering waters and most of them have sunloungers and at least one cafe or restaurant in proximity. The most impressive beaches, like Agia Paraskevi and Agioi Anargiri, are found on the west side of the island. Water taxis and traditional boats operate routes to those and more beaches throughout the tourist season, so reaching them is not a problem. It is worth mentioning that Agios Mamas Beach in Spetses Town has a special track for people with mobility limitations so that everyone can enjoy the sea!

The convenient location of Spetses is a huge plus, too. The ferry may be the only way to get to the island, but since ferries depart from the port of Piraeus on a daily basis, the journey is not a problem. Also, itineraries are more frequent during summer and travel time is around 3 hours, which is why numerous Athenians select the island for a brief weekend getaway. Visitors can also reach the island from the Peloponnese; ferries to Spetses depart from Ermioni and Porto Heli, while a small water taxi transfers people between Spetses and the settlement of Kosta every day.

Concerning where to stay, most hotels and accommodations are situated between Dapia and Baltiza. Different types of accommodations are available, so guests can book their stay in a neat room, a cozy apartment, or a more upscale hotel or villa. The majority of restaurants, cafes, bars and shops also lie in that area. 

When it comes to transportation, cars are not allowed within Spetses Town so visitors can use other means of transport if they want to avoid walking. Options include renting a bicycle or a motorbike, hopping on a traditional boat or a water taxi, taking the bus, or enjoying a ride with a horse carriage!

Lastly, there is no tourism office in Spetses, but the local tourist police offer immediate assistance to visitors!



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