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Before you start looking for a hotel, it is useful to be fairly certain of the location in which you would like to stay in Naxos.
The first step is to get an idea of what different places in Naxos look like.
Naxos is one of the biggest Cycladic islands, which means it offers diverse sceneries.
Would you like to stay in a central spot, full of shops, restaurants and other facilities or a small seaside village?
Some accommodation options are located in popular beaches or other crowded spots, while others may have a remote location that ensures privacy and tranquility.

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Naxos’ most touristically developed area is the western coast: the most popular places among those looking for accommodation are: Chora (main town), Stelida, Agios Georgios, Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka, Orkos and Mikri Vigla.
Other beachfront destinations that are more quiet and offer significantly less facilities are: Kastraki, Pyrgaki, Agiassos and Glyfada.
In addition, a few accommodation options are available in small traditional villages that are located away from the coast but are really peaceful and will introduce you to the rural way of life, such as Potamia, Sangri, Halki and a few more.
For a remote but seafront location with hardly any tourism infrastructures in situ, you may choose Apollonas or Moutsouna.

Discover the best places in Naxos for your stay and our recommendation of best hotels by area/location

Plaka Beach

1. Plaka beach

With its light blue waters and silky white sand, Plaka is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Cyclades.
The seemingly endless seashore is 4 km long and although there are many hotels and other facilities at a very short distance from the beach, the natural landscape remains beautifully unspoilt.
A small part of the beach is organized, providing sun loungers and umbrellas. In this area, you will also come across some of the best restaurants and bars on the island. If you choose to stay in Plaka, it is almost certain that you will have amazing sea views and the beach will only be a few meters away.
﹢ Positives: It is considered as one of the top accommodation choices for travellers seeking an amazing beach on their doorstep, beautiful hotels with sea views and a more relaxing atmosphere.
﹣ Negatives: Transportation is required for visiting other locations on the island.

❤ Our recommendations:

Blue Harmony (3 keys)
Plaza Beach Hotel (3 stars)
Stella Apartments (3 stars)


Agios Prokopios Beach

2. Agios Prokopios beach

Agios Prokopios is one of the most popular beaches on Naxos, located only 5 km away from Chora.
It is exceptionally well-developed in terms of touristic facilities, offering numerous restaurants, beach bars, bakeries and mini markets.
The beach itself has both organized and unorganized sections and even though it can get quite overcrowded, you will certainly find a few nice spots to enjoy the turquoise sea waters. The vivid nightlife makes Agios Prokopios popular among young travelers, while a bus line connects this area to Chora and other beaches.
Accommodation options in Agios Prokopios come with a truly convenient location.

﹢ Positives: Agios Prokopios is hands down one of the must-see seashores on the island. Booking your hotel here means that you will have quick and easy access to one of the most important parts of your holidays in Naxos: swimming in pristine turquoise waters and laying on a white sandy beach. Being a well-developed touristic area, you are sure to find anything you need: supermarkets, bakeries, fine restaurants, cafes and bars. Agios Prokopios is connected by bus with Chora and other beaches. Also due to the presence of beach bars, it is very popular among young travelers.
﹣ Negatives: Hotel rates may be augmented in periods of high demand so you should book early on to avoid extra expenses!

❤ Our recommendations:

18 Grapes (5 stars)
Golden Sun (3 keys)
Naxian Collection (Luxury)
Francesca Hotel (2 stars)



3. Chora

Chora is the capital Town of Naxos and the best-developed place on the entire island. It is full of shops, restaurants and bars, while the main port is one step away from it.
Some neighborhoods may be somewhat noisy but others are more quiet, and its picturesque alleys are lovely for evening strolls. Accommodation in Chora ensures that you will be very close to a lot of the island’s most significant landmarks, including the Castle, Portara and the Archaeological Museum.
This location is highly recommended for those arriving at the port with no intention of renting a car, since at a short walking distance you will find anything you may need. There are regular bus lines and taxis that will take you to see other parts of the island. If you want to be where the action is, you know that there is no better option than Chora.

﹢ Positives: It is a pivotal location, very vivid with lots of restaurants, shops and cafes. There are many budget accommodation options here. Also, it is ideal for short stays in Naxos and a perfect choice, if you are not renting a car since the central bus station with frequent schedules to most of the island’s touristic parts and the taxi station, are located at the port and are reachable within a short walking distance. Also in the surrounding area of Chora, visitors can find luxury hotels.
﹣ Negatives: There is no direct access to a gratifying beach. You will either need to take a bus/taxi or your car to reach one. The nearest beach to Chora is Agios Georgios which can be reachable on foot. Many of the Hotels at Chora, especially the low-budget ones, can be somewhat outdated and not with significant views. Also since it is central, it is prone to become noisy at times. Last but not least, if you have a car you will be obligated to park it in one of the main parking areas since cars are prohibited inside the town.

❤ Our recommendations:

Anassa Naxos (2 keys)
Venetiko (3 keys)
Naxos Panorama Hotel (2 stars)
Venetiko Apartments (3 keys)


Agios Georgios beach

4. Agios Georgios beach

The nearest beach to Chora is Agios Georgios. It is very well-developed, full of bars, restaurants and all sorts of seafront facilities that attract numerous visitors.
The sandy beach is very long and has shallow waters, which makes it a safe place for families with small children.
You will find organized parts where you can enjoy the comfort of sun umbrellas and loungers, without having to bring your own stuff and unorganized spots as well. Inexpensive accommodation is also possible in this area. Keep in mind that because of its very convenient location, Agios Georgios Beach is likely to get overcrowded during the peak summer season.

﹢ Positives: Booking a hotel in Agios Georgios, is a decent choice. It is very close to Chora, has a relatively nice beach (although not ranking among the top ones on the island, it is definitely good enough to spend sufficient time for relaxation on it). There are some inexpensive accommodation options and it is very popular with families travelling with children. The natural attributes that facilitate this type of tourism are surely the sandy seashore and the surprisingly shallow waters, allowing for safe and carefree kids’ playtime.
﹣ Negatives: As with every well-known location, it will inevitably become crowded, especially during the peak summer season- but do not fret! You can always catch a bus or rent a car in order to easily explore Naxos’s numerous beaches at your own pace. Lastly, as regards the hotels, their decor and design are rather minimal and simplistic, allowing you to focus on the natural beauties of the island rather than staying indoors.

❤ Our recommendations:

Alkyoni Beach hotel (4 stars)
Galaxy Hotel (3 stars)
Nissaki Beach Hotel (4 stars)
Astir of Naxos (3 stars)
Galaxy Hotel (3 stars)
Galini Hotel (2 stars)


Hotels in Stelida

5. Stelida

Stelida is considered a central region, located very close to Chora and the Airport of Naxos.
Although the village is not exactly seafront, the area is quite popular for high-end accommodation as it is full of luxurious resorts. You will certainly need a car to go to the nearest beach or restaurants, shops and other facilities. Nevertheless, many resorts may offer all inclusive stay and have on-site restaurants, pools and other facilities, which is great for a lazy vacation.

﹢ Positives: Central region with grand resorts.
﹣ Negatives: It is rather far from the beach. Shops, restaurants or other facilities are not within walking distance.

❤ Our recommendations:

Kedros Villas (3 keys)
Villa Marandi ( 4 stars)
Kouros Art Hotel ( 4 stars)


Agia Anna beach

6. Agia Anna beach

The small fishing harbour and beach of Agia Anna is located 7 km away from Chora. It is a safe and popular area, with a wide variety of nice traditional taverns and accommodation options available.
Its sandy beach is truly beautiful and a short walking distance away from shops, bars and cafes.
A bus line connects Agia Anna to Chora, as well as some other parts of the island, although renting a car is by far the best way to travel around and see other places. You will find hotels, studios and rooms for all budgets in this area.

﹢ Positives: Agia Anna is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. This has made it a popular destination and a safe choice for many different kinds of travellers. There are many cozy hotels and rooms to let and most of them are in very good condition, whereas some have a sea view. Also, pleasant restaurants are located here along with many shops, mini markets and pharmacies. There is a bus stop in the region that can take you to Chora and a few other beaches as well.
﹣ Negatives: It is a tourist area and although there is a bus station, a car would be recommended if you want to explore the island at a more relaxed pace.

❤ Our recommendations:

Annita’s Village (3 stars)
Iria Beach ( 4 stars)


Mikri Vigla beach

7. Mikri Vigla beach

Mikri Vigla Beach is the most popular meeting point among sea sport enthusiasts in Naxos.
There is a large kitesurfing and windsurfing community, as well as centers that offer lessons or sessions for all experience levels.
Accommodation here is highly recommended for those who are looking for a place very close to the best beach for kitesurfing and windsurfing but the calm area may also be a good choice for families. Even if you’re not into sea sports, nearby you will find Sahara beach, which is significantly less crowded and ideal for swimming peacefully, away from the sea sport hustle and bustle at the windy beach of Mikri Vigla.

﹢ Positives: If you are travelling for Kitesurfing/windsurfing this is your ideal location since it is the closest to the beach. Also, apart from the windsurfing spot of Mikri Vigla, Sahara beach is nearby. Its natural protection from the wind and waves makes it ideal for swimming.
﹣ Negatives: It is a windy region so swimmers’ caution and compliance with the lifeguards’ instructions on such days are crucial.

❤ Our recommendations:

Victoria Studios (2 keys)
Erato Studios (2 keys)


Orkos beach

8. Orkos beach

Orkos beach consists of numerous smaller coves that are covered with silky sand and are characterized by particularly clear sea waters.
It is an unspoiled area, ideal for families or anyone who is looking for quiet and peaceful accommodation, away from the island’s more crowded parts.
Besides a few shops in the area of Mikri Vigla, you will not find many facilities in this area and the lack of tourism infrastructures allows the visitors to combine seafront accommodation with serenity. In addition to the beautiful landscape, the good summer winds and its proximity to Mikri Vigla beach make Orkos a popular place among kitesurfers and windsurfers.

﹢ Positives: Accommodation in this area comes with calmness and privacy and the pristine nature will make your vacation unforgettable. At the same time, Orkos is located very close to the more popular beach of Plaka, and Mikri Vigla, another popular kitesurfing spot.
﹣ Negatives: The lack of facilities may cause inconveniences and a car is required to go to other places.


Agiassos beach

9. Agiassos beach

The vast sandy beach of Agiassos is the perfect place for anyone who wants to explore some remote areas in Naxos.
It is one of the most tranquil locations to stay, but at the same time, Agiassos also offers some convenient facilities, including a few restaurants where you can eat.
The shallow, crystal clear waters and silky sand at the beach make this place a great choice for families travelling with small children. The unspoilt scenery of Naxian wilderness is truly wonderful, great for anyone looking for a relaxing accommodation.

﹢ Positives: Accommodation in Agiassos is either seafront or only a few meters away from the beach. The location is ideal if you wish to avoid crowded parts of the island and the beach is safe for kids.
﹣ Negatives: Agiassos is a remote location, quite far from other places with more facilities, including Naxos Town. Renting a car is necessary to get to other parts of the island.


Kastraki beach

10. Kastraki beach

The seemingly endless sandy beach of Kastraki is located at a short walking distance away from the village.
It is a very calm area and the unorganized beach is ideal for peaceful swimming away from the hustle and bustle of other more popular places of the island.
In addition to a few nice accommodation options, you will also find some conveniently located shops and restaurants in this area.

﹢ Positives: Accommodation in Kastraki will give you the opportunity to be really close to one of the island’s most tranquil beaches.
﹣ Negatives: You will need a car to explore other parts of the island.


Potamia village

11. Potamia village

Potamia consists of three small traditional settlements, Ano, Kato, and Mesi Potamia.
The mountainous landscape is truly beautiful and one of a kind in Naxos, much different from all the other popular locations and seafront resorts on the island.
In addition to a few hiking paths that will allow you to explore the magnificent rural landscape and local vegetation, you will also see several landmarks in this area, including stone-built ruins and old churches. Potamia is certainly non-touristic, with barely any facilities except one or two places to eat. You will have the opportunity to see unusual places and immerse yourself in the authentic rural life in these beautiful mountain villages of Naxos.

﹢ Positives: The area offers unique sights and the tranquility of the countryside, with a great background for those who would like to see something other than the typical seaside landscapes of Naxos.
﹣ Negatives: Potamia is located far from the sea and the options are very limited in terms of accommodation.


Pyrgaki beach

12. Pyrgaki beach

Located very close to the famous beaches of Aliko (Agios Giorgos & Hawaii), the beach of Pyrgaki is a calm and beautiful area, offering accommodation very close to the sea.
The sandy beach of Pyrgaki is great for relaxation, while its shallow pristine waters make it a great choice for families with children.
Accommodation in Pyrgaki offers the opportunity to unwind and enjoy one of the most tranquil parts of the Naxian landscape. It is worth mentioning that only a very small section of the beach is organized and there are practically no facilities other than a few taverns. Renting a car is highly recommended for anyone planning to stay there.

﹢ Positives: Pyrgaki Beach is ideal for calm and peaceful accommodation close to the sea, excellent for families or anyone who appreciates tranquility and the beauty of the local wilderness.
﹣ Negatives: There are hardly any facilities in the area and you will probably need a car.


Sangri village

13. Sangri village

Sangri offers a wonderful countryside background for your accommodation.
It consists of two small traditional settlements, Ano Sangri and Kato Sangri, and it is a peaceful area with abandoned houses, old towers, ancient temple ruins, churches, and other historical landmarks.
Accommodation options may be limited but they ensure a private and tranquil stay, excellent for anyone who is looking for a non-touristic place and is eager to explore the impressive old ruins scattered around the area.

﹢ Positives: Sangri combines historical monuments with an unspoiled landscape and is ideal for nature lovers who would like to explore remote places.
﹣ Negatives: There are no shops or other facilities except for one tavern. Sangri is not located close to the sea, therefore renting a car is necessary to go to the beach or find places to eat.




Discover our selection of the Best Hotels in Naxos by Category

When trying to decide which is the best option for lodging, keep in mind that Naxos has many kinds of accommodation facilities to offer. Depending on the preferences you prioritize, you will find different hotel types at various locations, no matter what your preferences are.

Briefly, it is good to know that both luxury and budget hotels are available. Many resorts are family-friendly, while other units are located near popular watersport hubs.
Accommodation is offered both near the beach and at central locations, while in addition to the traditional units, modern villas are available among other options.

Below, you will discover the main best hotels in Naxos sorted by categories, as well as the leading units for each category.


Luxury, 5 stars hotels

Luxury Hotels have been designed to provide top-quality facilities to their guests.
By booking your accommodation in one of them, you will be able to enjoy luxury amenities and special features, including swimming pools.
Although Naxos is not an expensive destination, many hotels and villas offer luxury facilities, combined with various amazing services for the best experience.

Naxian collection

Naxian Collection

Naxian Collection is a complex of exquisite & sophisticated villas on the way to the famous beach of Agios Prokopios. Oozing with elegance & lavishness, these carefully designed properties draw an enchanting & relaxing experience with a homely comfortable atmosphere. They are the perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones. In short, it is a calm & serene sanctuary giving you the chance to get back in touch with natural beauty.
Naxian Collection is an ideal choice for people looking for peacefulness, tranquillity & exceptional services. Offering a relaxing experience in lavishness, the villas provide accommodation with spa-like bathrooms, impressive amenities, a private pool & a fully equipped kitchen. On top of that, the interior décor of the villas creates a subtle & soothing look with its high-end luxuries to meet all the desires of elite living.
More about "Naxian Collection" | Check availability

18 Grapes hotel

18 Grapes hotel: Rooms & Suites

It is said that 18 Grapes Boutique Hotel in Naxos has been inspired by the taste and the elegance of a great wine: delicate and light, refreshing yet sophisticated, unforgettable. The hotel belongs to a Naxian family of winemakers, well known for their values of world-class hospitality that besides the 5-star services aim to offer authentic experiences for their guests. It is a 5-star hotel, faithful to the spirit of a heartwarming hospitality heritage.
Driven by the care for nature, 18 Grapes Boutique Hotel creates a connection between the modern blend and authenticity of surroundings with the purpose of delivering an intimate yet comfortable experience.
Each one of the hotel’s 18 signature Rooms & Suites is offering the privilege of intimacy and the perfect view over sea and sunset, from the comfort of a private jacuzzi or pool. The hotel offers its guests two levels of swimming pool and outdoor lounge decks, a high-end fitness center, a luxurious wellness spa, an unforgettable Sunset bar-restaurant, and a roof terrace.
More about "18 Grapes" | Check availability

Ayiopetra Exclusive Getaways

Ayiopetra Exclusive Getaways: Suites


Ayiopetra Exclusive Getaway is more than ordinary holiday accommodation. It is a destination on its own! It is one of the most stylish accommodations offering five luxury suites with beautiful gardens, private spaces, and, incredible views. The hotel is beautifully designed and you can spend time wandering indoors and out, admiring the views, sipping cocktails, eating delicious fresh food, napping on daybeds, reading, resting, and recuperating.
Breakfast is a gastronomical feast with a wide selection of organic and fresh foods. Eat and sip your coffee with one of the best views on the island! It is located outside a traditional village (Sangri) and offers custom-designed suites with whitewashed walls, stunning fabrics and furniture, the comfiest king-size beds, the best linen, and of course, a fabulous swimming pool. The suites are extremely private. And there’s the irresistible swimming pool too!
It is recommended that you book your accommodation at Ayiopetra Hotel well in advance. Just select the suite that best suits your taste and requirements.
More about "Ayiopetra" | Check availability

Naxian Utopia

Naxian Utopia: Luxury Villas & Suites

Naxian Utopia Luxury Villas & Suites is built on top of a rocky hill, offering an amazing view over the Aegean Sea. The resort is placed only 500 meters away from the beach of Agios Prokopios, two kilometers from Naxos Town, and one kilometer from the island`s airport. There is a parking area and also an airport shuttle available for guests. The general aesthetic sense of the hotel is minimalist and modernist, however, it does feature a traditional Cycladic aspect in the form of the colors and ornaments.
The property has four suites and five luxury villas with different occupancy capacities. The suites are designed to accommodate between two and four guests, while the villas are made for up to nine guests. Every room is following a line of neutral colors, making them look more spacious and comfortable. Naxian Utopia Luxury Villas & Suites has a selection of facilities for their guests.
There is a bar-restaurant available that is open only between June and September, a sun lounge paddling pool, a gym, and a spa that is using local care products.
More about "Naxian Utopia" | Check availability

Naxian on the beach

Naxian on the beach: Luxury Suites


Naxian on the Beach is a hotel designed exclusively for couples and is part of the Naxian Collection hotel chain. It is located only 10 meters away from Plaka Beach, so the beautiful sand and the crystal clear blue water are at guests' disposal. The distance between the property and the airport is only five kilometers and until Naxos Town, you will do almost 15 minutes by car.
The hotel has 10 luxury suites, exclusively dedicated to couples. The architectural line follows the Cycladic traditional inspiration, mixed with some romantic influences. Each room has an indoor or outdoor jet tub, rain shower, and large windows dedicated to admiring the impressive sunsets and the Aegean Sea. Being so close to the beach, Naxian offers its guests the facilities to enjoy their holiday – free sunbeds and umbrellas right in front of the property, on a private part of the beach.
The hotel also proposes Tortuga, a beach bar and restaurant available for guests, that serves cocktails and meals all day long.
More about "Naxian on the beach" | Check availability


Hotels for families

Naxos is one of the best destinations in the Cyclades for a family vacation.
The island is safe, with a relaxed atmosphere and sandy beaches with shallow waters, which makes it great for those traveling with kids.
To accommodate the needs of families, many hotels, villas, and apartments offer family rooms and other family-friendly facilities, including swimming pools for children, special activities, kid-friendly menus, and playgrounds.

Plaza Beach Hotel

Plaza Beach Hotel


Located right on the kilometers-long Plaka beach, Plaza Beach Hotel is only six kilometers away from the island`s airport. Naxos city is 10 minutes far by car, but if you are not in the mood for a drive, you can choose to take the public bus that stops right in front of the hotel.
As part of the most important Cycladic Island, the property follows the traditional unique architecture that became known around the world. White and nude tons mixed with dark wood furniture are filling the hotel units. The rooms are fully equipped and come with a choice selection of views like a sea view, side sea view, or garden view. From the balcony or veranda, you can enjoy the Aegean sunsets. The property has also available family rooms and apartments for more than four guests.
The hotel has available a swimming pool of 200 square meters and a gym where you can exercise without being extra charged. There is also a bar and a restaurant that serves Greek, Mediterranean, and international dishes. But you also have to know that there are many taverns and beach bars in the proximity of the hotel, where you can experience other traditional food and drinks.
More about "Plaza beach" | Check availability

Plaka Hotel

Plaka Hotel


Plaka Hotel is a family-run hotel located about six kilometers away from Naxos town and about seven kilometers away from the island`s airport. The parking is free of charge at the property, but if you`re not in for a drive, it`s better to know that the bus station is right in front of the hotel.
Situated just next to Plaka Beach, the property is a complex of buildings, offering different types of accommodation. You will find here Plaka I which has rooms with private balconies and bathrooms available for up to four persons, Plaka II with 25 fully equipped studios with completely furnished kitchens included and Plaka Collections which offers three new luxury villas suitable for couples, families, or groups of friends. Each villa has a garden and a private swimming pool.
Inside the hotel complex, you can also find a family restaurant that serves local dishes and organizes Greek nights with traditional music, a swimming pool available for all guests, and also a mini-market. If you are a Yoga lover, you may want to know that Yoga classes are being organized at Plaka Hotel. A few steps away outside the hotel there is a watersport center and along the beach, there are several traditional tavernas and restaurants as well.
More about "Plaka Hotel" | Check availability

Other recommendations: Aegean Land Hotel (Plaka), Francesca Hotel (Agios Prokopios), Galaxy Hotel (Agios Georgios), Astir of Naxos (Agios Georgios)


Hotels by the beach

Choosing one of the beachfront hotels guarantees that a seashore with crystal clear waters will be only a few steps away from your lodging.
This kind of hotel is perfect for visitors who prioritize spending time at the beach and it is an excellent choice if you are not interested in traveling around a lot.
Seaside units include big resorts, traditional apartments, villas, and more.

Alkyoni Beach Hotel

Alkyoni Beach Hotel

Alkyoni Beach Hotel will welcome you with the traditional Cycladic vibe and architecture and will offer you a selection of luxury rooms and suites. From the ones with breathtaking sea views to those with a private Jacuzzi or spa, you can choose the one that fits your needs the best. They all come with modern and comfortable amenities.
The property is just in front of Agios Georgios Beach, so you can start your day with a morning beach walk or you can choose to drink your coffee by the pool. Also, it is good to know that the area is one of the spots on the island where you can learn and practice one of the most popular activities in Naxos – Windsurfing! Several watersport centers are close to the property.
If you plan to explore the island, Alkyoni Beach Hotel has available a car rental facility for excursion and can also advise you about the best things to do.
More about "Alkyoni" | Check availability

Ploes Seaside Houses

Ploes Seaside houses


Located right on the sand of the most known beach in Naxos, Ploes Seaside Houses is offering a high level of privacy and comfort. The whitewashed Cycladic houses surrounded by lush greenery are just 50 meters away from the sea. The property has a selection of six independent maisonettes and three double rooms with a sea view. From the privacy of your own terrace, you can start the day by drinking a good coffee made on your own coffee machine and serve a breakfast prepared in your kitchenette or you can end the day enjoying an unforgettable sunset over the Aegean Sea. Every room has modern facilities included and the property has implemented safety features to protect the guests. There is a living room area where you can spend time and share stories, or just watch TV together.
Being on Plaka Beach, you must try the famous activities of Naxos like windsurfing, kitesurfing, snorkeling, or even scuba diving. The property staff can provide relevant information about these sports if needed. There is also a bike rental service available when you decide to go for a ride to explore the island. The Naxos town is only nine kilometers far and there are a lot of places to discover and explore.
More about "Ploes" | Check availability

Other recommendations: Stella Apartments (Plaka), Angeliki Apartments (Plaka), Villa Holiday Beach (Plaka), Nissaki (Agios Georgios), Naxian on the beach (Plaka), Acti Plaka (Plaka), Victoria (Mikri Vigla), Plaza beach Hotel (Plaka), Plaka Hotel (Plaka)



Villas are perfect for visitors who appreciate privacy and the convenience of spending their vacation in a fully-equipped environment, as opposed to traditional hotel rooms or studios that only come with the essentials.
The villas available in Naxos can be found in various locations, including beaches, big villages or towns, and slightly remote locations.
Many of them have a large housing capacity, modern facilities, and additional luxury features, such as private pools.

Halcyon Villas

Halcyon Suites and Villas


Halcyon Villas is located at a close distance to the capital and main town of the island of Naxos (Chora). The property is designed to offer its guests different types of accommodation with all modern facilities included. The main elements are natural materials like stone, marble, chestnut, or oak wood.
The property is situated 4 kilometers away from the airport and is at 7 minutes by car from the island`s emblem and landmark Portara, a huge marble gate, and the single remaining part of an unfinished temple of Apollo.
Halcyon Villas provides two private villas and a selection of suites for its guests. The villas consist of two floors including a dining room, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and a private spa. There is also the possibility to choose a suite out of the selection of the four types available. The property puts at every guest's disposal an entire list of facilities. Halcyon Villas has an infinity outdoor pool with floating sunbeds and a bar. Every morning you have the option to be served your breakfast (using organic products from the owner`s farm) in your own courtyard.
More about "Halcyon" | Check availability

Venti Villa

Venti Villa


Located in the Orkos area, in the southwest part of Naxos Island, Venti Villa is only 15 minutes away from Naxos Chora by car. There are only eight kilometers between the property and the most emblematic attractions of the island – Naxos Castle and Portara (The temple of Apollo).
Venti Villa is a totally private unit ideal for couples, families, and big groups of friends. The property can accommodate up to 10 persons. It has four private bedrooms with a double bed, 1 sofa and the possibility of another extra bed.
The traditional Cycladic architecture meets the modern features on the entire property, indoor and outdoor as well. Besides the swimming pool, Venti Villa has created a large-scale veranda with a sea view, a terrace with built-in sofas, and on the third floor, there is a private terrace with a panoramic view over the garden, the pool, and over Orkos beach, Mikri Vigla, and Plaka. The rooms fulfill modern standards and come with air conditioning, wireless internet, and satellite TV. The living room has a beautiful sea view and you will find a fireplace here.
The closest beach to the Villa is 230 meters away and you have to know that there is a bicycle rental service available at the property as well as transfers that may require an extra charge.
More about "Venti Villa" | Check availability

Montana Villa

Montana Villa

This private villa is beautifully designed to take intimacy to the next level. Situated in Stelida, the famous area of Agios Prokopios, the property is only four kilometers far from the island's capital. Right outside the comfort of your home, you will find a lot of traditional restaurants and shops where you can taste and buy local products.
The entire villa features 4 luxury bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, and 1 fully equipped kitchen. If you are more of an outdoor person, you will find plenty of activities to do outside the house. You can relax by the swimming pool while sipping a cocktail and you will be able to explore the 2000 square meters garden with vineyards and lemon trees or pick your own tomatoes from the vegetable garden. Inside, there is a discreet blend of traditional and modern elements. Natural materials and neutral colors have been used to decorate the rooms and create a relaxing, holiday-inspired atmosphere.
As the area is popular for cycling, a bike rental service is available at the property so you can explore the island from a different perspective all day long. The first stop could be at the Agios Prokopios Beach since it`s only 700 meters far. After that, there is a home cinema ready to entertain you at Montana Villa.
More about "Montana Villa" | Check availability

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Hotels for kitesurfing/windsurfing

Offering the perfect conditions for watersports, Naxos is one of the most popular places in Greece among kitesurfers and windsurfers.
There are numerous clubs at many locations around the island and several options are located near beaches that are considered big kitesurfing or windsurfing hubs.
By staying in one of these, your favorite beach will be within a short walking distance.

Kontos Studios

Kontos Studios

Kitesurfing & Windsurfing – one of the main activities on the island of Naxos that you must try at least once, has found a perfect spot to be practiced. That is Mikri Vigla, a beach famous for the golden sand and the best one in Naxos to practice water sports related to the wind. It is also said that it`s one of the best in entire Greece. Just a few meters from the beach, Studios Kontos, a Cycladic piece of architecture, is offering accommodation in studios, apartments, and bungalows for you and your family. Every unit is equipped with modern facilities and a large veranda with a sea view. You can enjoy every evening watching over the Aegean Sea from the comfort of your room while drinking a glass of wine.
Kontos also has a restaurant and it is considered among the best in Naxos. The food at Kontos restaurant will be a journey itself. With a history of more than 30 years, the restaurant is offering homemade Aegean and local Naxian specialties. All the vegetables used for cooking are from the owners’ private gardens, as well as the wine served.
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Coralli Beach Apartments

Coralli Beach Apartments

The property is designed according to Cycladic traditional architecture and offers accommodation in a modern and private complex. You can entertain yourself with Kitesurfing or Windsurfing just a few steps outside the property or you can spend time relaxing on your private terrace admiring the sea or the beautiful garden. Coralli is in Mikri Vigla but the nearest beach (Limanakia) is an amazing one and protected by the winds. An ideal place for families with kids.
Coralli Beach Apartments has a selection of rooms uniquely designed with handmade elements that are suitable for couples but also for families. You can choose between studios and apartments, depending on your needs.
Each unit is equipped with cooking facilities like refrigerator and kitchen utensils where you can prepare yourself a late breakfast whenever you feel the need. You can take some time to relax and watch TV or play some table tennis while the kids are playing in the garden, in the dedicated area.
The Island of Naxos has a lot of spots to discover and you can move around using a car, a motorbike, or even a bike. Coralli Beach Apartments have available some bike tours and also can offer motorbike and car rental services. Parking is available at the property and is free of charge.
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Victoria Studios & Apartments

Victoria Studios and Apartments is an accommodation unit with a long history. Back in the time, Mikri Vigla Beach was totally unknown to tourists, but the owners decided to build there one of the very first accommodation units. The beach became famous for water sports like windsurfing and kitesurfing and nowadays lots of tourists are coming to entertain and relax at once. The complex consists of three buildings designed of natural rock that are following the Cycladic architecture principles. Whitewashed walls, modern-shaped wood furniture, large terraces, and spacious rooms are just a few of the characteristics found here.
The property is just one step far from the sand, and whether you choose a studio or an apartment, you will have your private terrace with a sea view or garden view where you can spend your mornings. If you`re not in the mood of preparing coffee in your own kitchen, you can enjoy one at Victoria Café. Located right on the beach, the restaurant is serving breakfast, lunch, menus with fresh local products, or just a simple cold beer while watching the crystal Aegean water. For an additional charge, you can even rent a bike from the property and go exploring the nearby beach.
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Best central hotels, no car needed

Central accommodation comes with numerous benefits.
Such hotels are located in Naxos Town, allowing you to stay near lively bars, cafes, restaurants, and other tourist facilities.
This hotel type is highly recommended to visitors who rely on buses to travel around the island since the town is the safest choice for those who do not have a car.

Anassa Suites

Anassa Suites


The capital of Naxos, known as Naxos Town or Chora, offers a unique variety of landscapes. Being really close to the sea and also to a large number of tourist attractions makes this place an important and complex destination. Anassa Suites Guesthouse is located close to the old town of Naxos. The whitewashed walls of the building hide six private rooms, studios, and suites connected by a shared lounge where you can relax and meet new people. As the property has a central position, you can easily explore the city without needing a car. Within a six-minute walk, you can reach one of the most beautiful beaches on the island – Agios Georgios Beach. Spend some time there, try some water sports or just laze on the golden sand. Then you can enjoy a glass of wine in the private and quiet courtyard at the property or even in the comfort of your private balcony.
It is recommended to see at least one sunset at Portara, the ancient gate of Apollo that is only a few steps away from Anassa Suites. After sunset, have a traditional Naxian dinner at the Venetian Castle taverns and return home to recharge for another beautiful day on the Cycladic island.
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Panorama Hotel

Panorama Hotel


It is said that the best way to discover a city and understand its culture is to walk on the streets and interact with locals. Naxos Town, the capital of the island, has a lot of secret corners to be discovered and a lot of important tourist attractions to be seen. Panorama Hotel is located right in the heart of the city, close to the Old Marketplace. Just a few steps away from the main attractions like the Archeological Museum, the Crispi Castle, or the port. Behind the whitewashed Cycladic walls of the property, you will find 13 rooms and suites, all built according to traditional architecture and design. From your balcony, you can choose to have a beautiful view of the city, over the mountain, or even over the Aegean Sea. Each unit of the property has modern facilities included, so you can still check your e-mails every morning or watch your favorite series without worrying about an internet connection or satellite TV.
Every morning, your breakfast is served at the property and you can enjoy it on the roof terrace, watching the city come to life. Close to Panorama Hotel you can find a large variety of tavernas and you will be surprised by the evening vibe of the island.
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Castle Mansions

Castle Mansions


The most fascinating thing about Naxos town is the variety of landscapes you get from one single spot. Walls of a castle, whitewashed Cycladic houses, lots of local tavernas, the port, or the golden sandy beach nearby are just a few of the gems of the city that becomes the arrival point for most of the island visitors. Castle Mansions is located right at the foot of the Venetian Castle - one of the trademarks of the island. The property offers five independent luxury apartments, designed to be modern and comfortable, central but private at the same time. You will have your own fully equipped kitchen, flat TV, complimentary Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, and even your own balcony so you can enjoy the view over the castle or over the city streets. Only a 6-minute walk away from the property, there is a beach you don`t want to miss, called Agios Georgios, with beautiful golden sand and crystal clear water. You can try some water sports there or you can just relax, enjoy your day and have some lunch at the local restaurants around.
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Best budget hotels

With its non-touristy atmosphere, Naxos is an excellent destination for backpackers, young people, and other budget travelers who want to explore the beauty of the Cycladic landscape without having to spend a fortune.
Many hotels offer budget options in great condition, while numerous traditional apartments and studios are a good choice for budget options.

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