Eastern Aegean Villages

Information about the Villages of Eastern Aegean islands, in Greece but also information about villages in many islands of the group: Although far less visited than their popular neighbors, Cyclades, theEastern Aegean villages are true to their age-old traditions and customs.

Of high interest are the Medieval villages of Chios which have managed to keep their authenticity through time. Pyrgi, Olympi, and Mesta are the most characteristic Medieval villages of Chios and stand out for their stone houses with geometric designs on the exterior walls and arched alleys. Many of the villages of Chios have preserved their exterior Medieval walls and look fortified even today.

Ikaria villages provide a rich diversity of scenery with mountainous landscapes and sea views. Equally beautiful are the Eastern Aegean villages in Lemnos and Lesvos, bordering with important sites and lush green spots. In Samos and Thassos, the most traditional settlements are built on the mountain slopes and give a gorgeous view to the Aegean sea.

Some of the best villages in Eastern Aegean are Pyrgi, Olympi in Chios | Myrina in Lemnos | Molivos, and Mytilene in Lesvos | Karlovassi in Samos | Theologos, and Potamia in Thassos and many more.

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