The North-Eastern Aegean islands are located north of the Dodecanese and east of the Sporades. The majority of those Greek islands form the borders of Greece with Turkey. Although tourism there is not as developed as in the rest of the Greek islands, they are famous for the traditional architecture and family atmosphere. Samos, Thassos, and Ikaria are famous for their gorgeous beaches, Chios for the Medieval villages, Lesvos for the seaside places, Lemnos for the vast sandy coasts, while Fourni is an alternative holiday destination. All the islands of Eastern Aegean Greece have something special to offer to visitors. This Eastern Aegean islands travel guide will give you all the necessary information to organize your holiday in Greece.

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The islands of North Eastern Aegean are the least tourist developed islands of Greece. With a relaxing atmosphere, these are ideal places for family vacations. Chios, Lesvos, Samos and Thassos are the best organized beaches, while the rest islands of the complex keep a more secluded profile.

The North Eastern Aegean is a group of Greek islands located north of Dodecanese and east of Cyclades and Sporades. The majority of the Eastern Aegean islands line the borders between Greece and Turkey. The most popular islands are: Lesvos island, Thassos island and Samos island. Our Eastern Aegean islands travel guide will give you all the necessary tourist information to understand these islands: see our lists with the best villages, beaches and sights to visit there, and also check our photos, 360 pictures, videos and detailed maps to get a better understanding of the locations.

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