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Olympi village Chios: Olympi village lies in a green valley, approximately 30 km to the south west of Chios Town. The village was established in the 13th century and stands out for its remarkable architecture. The houses are built in such a manner that the outer walls are conjoined, so that anyone facing the village will see a fortress with no visible openings, except for one door that allows people in and out of the village. This door is located at present day Kato Porta.

The narrow cobbled streets of the village and its imposing archways give you a sense of those times. The tower that stands at the center of the village is 20 meters high and was used for defense in case of a pirates attack. Today, the tower houses a nice restaurant.

The church of Agia Paraskevi, with its wooden iconostasis and valuable icons, offers visitors a remarkable sight, as does the Trapeza of Olympi, a two-storied medieval building. Another marvelous sight is the Cave of Olympi, located 3 km to the south west, close to Sykia village. It dates back almost 200,000 years and the cave has magnificent stalactites and stalagmites formations.

The neighbouring villages of Pyrghi and Mesta are also captivating. Mesta is a scenic village with vaulted archways. The Church of Taxiarches in Mesta portrays scenes from the Old Testament. Pyrgi is the largest of the medieval villages of Chios. On a hill near Phana beach, lie the remains of the temple of Phaneou Apollo. It is said that the statue of Apollo, that once stood there and hasn't yet been found, was made of silver and gold. If you are a trekking enthusiast, you could wander along the old Olympi and Mesta trail.

Tourist facilities such as traditional apartments are situated within Olympi village. Some of the old traditional houses have been renovated and turned into guesthouses, to give visitors a feel of the traditional charm. The area around Olympi is also abundant in mastic trees. These trees constitute the trademark of Chios island and are an important financial source for the island. These trees have an aromatic resin that is used in varnishes, adhesives, astringents and condiments. The nearest beaches to Olympi are Didima, Mavra Volia, Trahili, Kato Phana and Agia Dynami. They are all unique and can be easily reached from the main road.

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  • ritapatzani33 05 Nov 2008
    A bit of a Castle or a Prison
    Olympi is a small village that looks like a fortress. Tall, stone walls are on both sides of the narrow streets, creating a bit of depressive atmosphere in the middle of the summer. It looks as a Medieval Castle and a prison as well. While you walk in the villages, you will see many old men on a horseback. Close to the village, there is a nice cave with stalactites and stalagmites.