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Pyrgi village Chios: Pyrgi is one of the most beautiful villages of Chios located 24 km west of the island's main town, close to Mastihochoria, The area that produces the famous mastic. Today, more than 1,200 inhabitants live in Pyrgi most of whom are engaged in the production of mastic and agriculture. The village was named after the central medieval tower that still stands in the village and has maintained its traditional architecture.

Pyrgi is a really impressive and picturesque place. The facades of its buildings are decorated with grey and white geometrical shapes, which is an influence from the years of the Frankish domination on the island. Because of its unique decoration, Pyrgi is also known as "the painted village".

Like in the other medieval villages of the island, the stone houses of Pyrgi are built close one to each other, forming a defensive wall. Narrow stone-paved streets, superb churches, unique architecture and balconies full of flowers and sun-dried tomatoes are composing the magical scenery of the village. Accommodations, cafes and excellent taverns are available in the village.

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Guest 2008-06
Special village
Pyrgi is a special village. I haven't seen architecture and wall paintings like that. Many strange paintings were on the walls of simple houses and public buildings. The square was my favourite place on Pyrgi and the mansion we stayed lovely! We stayed there only for a couple of nights because we were continually changing accomodation to see more places. Nice, stone and wooden house, ideal to face the summer heat.

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