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Theologos village Thassos: The traditional village of Theologos is located 52 km south of Thassos Town, between Kastro and Kinira. It is a very beautiful village full of magnificent houses and mansions. Theologos is one of the oldest villages in Thassos and it has been declared a traditional settlement by the Greek government in 1979 for its superb architecture.

Due to this decision, a lot of people were unable to restore their houses, therefore they sold them to foreigners, Germans and English, who have turned them into beautiful establishments. Today these picturesque mansions and fine painted houses offer a unique aspect to this village.

Theologos is famous for its food, one of its specialties being the broached goat, and its excellent taverns. Cafes and rooms for rent are also available. Every June, an interesting and beautiful reconstitution of a traditional local wedding takes place in this village. In the wider region archeologists have discovered remains of an old prehistoric settlement.

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Theologos Folklore MuseumChurch of Agia Paraskevi

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