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Limenaria village Thassos: Limenaria is the second biggest town of Thassos and has become, along with the settlement of Kalivia, a popular tourist resort. At the port of Limenaria you will see many fishing boats and private yachts moor. The first inhabitants of the village were actually laborers who moved from Kastro. Then the population increased with the arrival of refugees from Asia Minor.

A few very impressive and beautiful houses built by the Turks around 20th century can be admired as well as a few neoclassical buildings that stand proudly at the center of Limenaria. The long waterfront promenade of Limenaria is lined with taverns, cafes, bars and shops, creating this lively and romantic atmosphere that all visitors love.

Hotels, rooms for rent and clubs are also provided. The sandy beach of Trypiti is only a short distance away from the town. In close distance are the remains of the prehistoric settlement.

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