Thassos Old Port

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Location: Limenaria

The Old Harbour of Thassos, Greece: From the older days Thassos had two harbors, one for trading and commercial purposes and the other for military purposes. The ancient naval port is mostly referred to as old harbor and it is closed now. The foundations of round towers from the ancient harbor can still be seen on the quay.

A portion of the breakwater in the sea is also preserved. Wandering around the harbor sites one comes across many archaeological sites including the ancient Agora located close by. It occupies a large area inside its walls and used to be a marketplace where trade in ancient Thassos was conducted. The old harbor is picturesque and very spectacular. Views of the setting sun seen from this spot are breathtakingly beautiful.

Thassos, a comparatively quiet island as far as tourism is concerned, is now slowly making its way into the tourist map of Greece. Therefore hectic development activities are seen taking place in the area rich in archaeological treasures right in the heart of the town and in the old harbor area.



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