Eastern Aegean Geography

Information about the Geography of Eastern Aegean islands, in Greece: Eastern Aegean is one of the most important groups of islands in Greece situated east of the Aegean Sea, only a short breath away from the Turkish coasts and far from the rest of the Greek mainland. The Eastern Aegean complex comprises of five large islands (Ikaria, Samos, Lemnos, Chios, and Lesvos) and some smaller, which are equally beautiful and unique.

To the south, the islands border with the Cyclades and Dodecanese and to the east with the Turkish coasts. Almost all the islands of Eastern Aegean have a great fauna and flora, in contrast to the Cyclades which are characterized for their barren landscape. The geography of Eastern Aegean is characterized for its verdant spots, the crystal beaches and the traditional settlements which follow the natural landscape.

The countless sources of natural beauty like the verdant valleys, wild hill slopes, waterfalls and streams in combination with the picturesque ports and the beautiful beaches attract hundreds of visitors every year. Above all, the islands of Eastern Aegean are ideal for the nature lovers, and many activities like trekking and climbing. The geographical profile of the Eastern Aegean islands has made a difference in their historical backgrounds and cultural heritage.

Geography on each island

Information about the geography of the islands of Eastern Aegean: