Eastern Aegean Nightlife

The islands of the Eastern Aegean in Greece are famous for many things except their wild nightlife. There are nice and calm things to do at night in these Greek islands but there are not many loud clubs that stay open all night. Only a few clubs exist and they are mostly concentrated in certain tourist spots or close to the capital town. Nightlife in Eastern Aegean islands is usually calmer, with lounge bars along the seaside, offering a chill drink under the night sky.

Alternatively, you can spend a more peaceful night out, enjoying a long dinner in the many taverns of the islands. Such taverns can be found in almost every spot of the Eastern Aegean islands, especially in tourist places but also in mountainous villages. Lesvos island is particularly famous for its fish taverns, as the gulfs of the island grow excellent quality fish. In the taverns of Samos island, do not miss to try the famous local wine, prepared on the island since ancient times.

Discover the Nightlife on each island

Information about the nightlife on the islands of Eastern Aegean: