Eastern Aegean Architecture

Information about the Architecture of Eastern Aegean islands, in Greece but also information about architecture in many islands of the group: The Eastern Aegean islands combine the green magical scenery and traditional Greek architecture. Being far from the Archipelagos and far from the rest of its neighboring Greek islands, each one has developed its own architectural style and culture.

The island complex consists of some of the largest islands in Greece and occupies a great part of the country. Each island keeps up with important Greek historical events and constitutes a living monument that reflects the tradition and cultural wealth. The historical heritage of the Eastern Aegean islands is lost in the depths of time, as a result, their archaeological richness impresses all visitors, as well as the monumental architecture of the Byzantine and modern times. The plethora of medieval castles, which are an integral part of the island's history, adds a unique charm through their imposing medieval atmosphere and glorious appearance.

Of high interest are the old oil houses which are characteristic examples of the Eastern Aegean architecture during the early industrial period. Many of those buildings have been restored while others belong to the neoclassical period. The eastern Aegean islands constitute a living monument reflecting their long history and their indelible culture which is lost in the depths of times. When talking about the Eastern Aegean islands it is worth referring on the medieval beauty of Chios island, the beautiful architecture of Lesvos island, the unique atmosphere of Samos island and the unspoiled beauty of the less known islands of Fourni and Thassos.

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