Samos Architecture

Due to the diverse population, the architecture of Samos is really a mixture of Neoclassical and Venetian buildings, whitewashed houses and Byzantine churches, similar to the style of its neighboring Greek islands, like Lemnos and Lesvos. In Vathy, picturesque narrow streets are winding around the surviving buildings which blend with the Aegean type houses creating a unique charm that every visitor can admire.

During the 19th century, Samos island flourished greatly with the construction of many neoclassical mansions. Of high interest is the beautiful seaside town of Pythagorio which is dotted with many whitewashed houses with blue shutters and doors. The picturesque settlements that surround the capital are literally the sources of the island's cultural monuments, like the archaic temples and the splendid monasteries with the unique frescoes that complete the local architecture.