Introduction & General Information

Samos island is part of the North-Eastern Aegean Islands and is located in the southern part of the group, near the Turkish coast, from which it is separated by the narrow Mykale Straits (3 km wide).

This is the most visited island of North-Eastern Aegean but keeps its beauty and attractiveness. The island is particularly green, with verdant mountains. Despite the catastrophic fires which burned an important part of the island a few years ago, Samos has kept enough of its forests and vegetation for still being impressive. With this greenery, idyllic beaches of pure white sand and crystalline waters are completing the lovely landscapes of the island.

Samos holiday has something for everyone: busy beach resorts and, in its hinterland, unspoiled villages and terrific mountain view. Apart from its beautiful landscapes and its traditional character, Samos is also known for its excellent wine which is made from the local Muscat grapes and is exported in all Greece and around the world. Due to the close distance with Turkey, daily tours to Kusadasi are arranged from Samos in the summer season.

Holidays in Samos are ideal for the wonderful nature, the impressive mountainous and verdant landscape and the plethora of interesting archaeological sites. In fact, during the last years, Samos is developing as a mountain climbing destination. All these form a particular atmosphere and charm all visitors who have the chance to visit this magical island.