Churches in Syros

Syros is the center of the Cyclades and one of the island of Greece where Christians and Catholics coexist in harmony. The island boasts numerous churches from both religions, scattered in Ano Syros and the surrounded villages. One of the most interesting religious sites is the church of Metamorphosis, the first church of Ermoupolis, the island's capital. The entire complex is a sightseeing itself, open to the public, with marble columns, beautiful icons, and impressive wood carving work.

Right at the main square of Ermoupolis stands the church of Koimisis tis Theotokou (Dormition of the Virgin), opposite the Town Hall and is famous for housing one of the masterpieces of religious art made by the well-known painter El Greco. It is built between 1828 and 1829, the second oldest church of Syros. The Orthodox churches of Agios Dimitrios and Agios Nikolaos can be seen from the port and on top of Vrodado hill lies the 19th century Church of the Assumption. It offers a splendid view to the neighboring island of Tinos and Mykonos.

The Catholic aspect of Syros is equally interesting with some beautiful religious sites standing in the heart of the city and the nearby villages. Among the most important is the Cathedral of Saint George located in the Venetian town of Ano Syros. It was founded on top of a hill around 1200 AD and it is the Metropolis of the Catholics since 1952. This town is also home to the Jesuit Monastery, founded in 1744. It is known for its valuable library including thousands of books and ancient inscriptions and the church of Panagia Kamilos located within its premises. Close to the Catholic cathedral lies the historic Capuchin Monastery.