Syros Chapel of Agios Stefanos

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Location: Galissas Village

The Chapel of Agios Stefanos in Syros is a unique small church building hidden right by the sea! Built among steep rocks, the chapel can be spotted near the settlement of Galissas, while rumor has it that it was created after the saint saved a fisherman fighting a large octopus!

Upon arrival, visitors will spot its beautiful paved terrace leading to the narrow chapel entrance! After passing by a simple bell tower with a large cross, guests will witness its stripped-back interior design, boasting whitewashed walls, large wooden tables, a gorgeous iconostasis, and a book for visitors to leave their mark behind! The chapel is widely known for showcasing jaw-dropping views over the sea horizon!

Moreover, the chapel hosts annual feasts on the 19th of August and the 26th of December, where followers, after they attend the mass, will enjoy a loukoumi and mastic treat!

To reach the chapel, one will have to hop on the dedicated boat to Agios Stefanos or follow the signed trail from the village of Galissas leading to the western shores of Syros, though it is recommended that you wear a pair of casual shoes if you prefer hiking.



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