Syros Town Hall

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Location: Ermoupolis

The Town Hall of Syros, Cyclades: The Town Hall of Ermoupolis is placed in Miaouli square. Its particular architecture combines the vibe of classical ancient Greece with the Romanticism of the West and its general style belongs to the neoclassical architectural style, evidently influenced by the German and Italian architects.

The Town Hall of Ermoupoli started to be built in 1876 and was completed in 1898 when D. Vafiadakis was mayor of Ermoupolis. It was designed by Ernst Ziller, a Bavarian architect who knew how to leave a clear trace of the 19th-century architecture.

The central part is made entirely of marble and there is a marble hanging ladder in its interior that leads to the first floor. The meeting room, where the local government meets, has oil paintings depicting King George I and Queen Olga. The Town Hall also hosts the Archaeological Museum of Syros, the Court of Law, the Land Registry, the Public Archives, and some other public services.

The Town Hall of Ermoupolis is an impressive building and it is considered among the most beautiful Town Halls of Greece. It will certainly catch your attraction from the very first moment you step your foot in Miaouli square.



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