Syros Catholic Cathedral of Saint George

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Location: Ano Syros

The beautiful Catholic Cathedral of Saint George in Syros is an impressive sight and a monument amongst catholic disciples! It was first built in the early 13th century, with its last reshaping taking place in 1834, creating the church we see today! Being the island’s Catholic Metropolitan Church, Saint George is a three-aisled basilica with a large dome, while it also hosts a triple bell tower.

This catholic church has impressive interiors, including its white marble columns, black and white chess tiles, and a church organ right above its entrance! Visitors will spot lots of gorgeous paintings and icons, large candelabras, and gilded details, as well as an inner-chapel baptistery, a sacristy, and benches for the masses!

Part of the wider Catholic Community of Syros, the cathedral of Saint George also houses a couple of spaces showcasing exhibits from its past, while its uphill position perfectly complements the stunning Orthodox Cathedral of Agios Nikolaos!

To reach this cathedral, visitors need to have a walk from Ano Syros or the capital, though they will all be rewarded by Saint George’s panoramic views over the nearby village and the town of Ermoupolis!



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