Syros Industrial Museum

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Location: Ermoupolis
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Next to the beautiful neoclassical buildings of the capital of Syros and close to the dockyard is the industrial zone. The factories located there were famous and functioned until a few decades ago, but are now closed. In 2000, the municipality of Syros established the Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis in Syros in three of these factories - a paint factory, a buckshot factory, and a tannery.

This museum depicts the industrial and economic development of the island from the 18th until the middle 20th century. There is a large collection of photos, maps, and architectural designs that show the flourishing of neoclassical architecture in Syros. Visitors can also see pictures of local painters depicting the island in the 19th century, products of women's associations from the early 20th century, and a digital representation of public and industrial buildings.

Among the most interesting exhibits are the well-preserved pieces of machinery that were used until some decades ago. These pieces are preserved exclusively in Syros and they are accompanied by hand tools, raw materials, and products from the time of the industrial development in Syros. One of the exhibits is the first electric car constructed in Greece named Enfield 8000.



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