Syros Agios Nikolaos Church

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Location: Ermoupolis

The church of Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas) in Syros is one of the most impressive edifices of Syros. It is located close to Miaouli Square and is dedicated to Saint Nicholas, who is the town’s patron saint. The masterful temple dates back to 1870. King Otto was personally interested in the building’s construction and many sponsors, such as Queen Olga, contributed financially to its realization.

The Orthodox temple is a magnificent example of architecture. Marble (from Mount Pentelikon in Attica and Italy) constitutes one of the main building materials, resulting in a superb profile. The church is a basilica built in the cruciform style and has two imposing bell towers, while an elegant staircase of 4 meters height leads to its entrance. The interior is marvelous, due to the plethora of artifacts and unique ecclesiastical items. Rather outstanding elements are the Corinth-type marble columns, the archaic decorative motifs, the notorious marble temple and throne (both crafted by the sculptor Georgios Vitalis in 1899) as well as the icons, painted by famous hagiographers of the era. The most eye-catching element of the church, though, is its bright blue dome!

In 2006, restoration works took place, showcasing the magnitude of this landmark of Syros even more.



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