Syros is an ideal spot for shopping, attracting shoppers from the other islands. The streets of Ermoupolis and Ano Syros are lined with shops of international designer labels offering leather goods and jewellery. The prices in Syros are the best among the Cyclades.

Souvenir shops and art galleries display beautiful paintings and antique collections. Must buy items include the local sweets, “loukoumia” and “halvadopita”. “Loukoumia”, also known as Turkish delights, are sweet gummy candies traditionally hand made of almond, starch and sugar. They come in many flavours, the popular being rose and pistachio. The “halvadopites” are thin sesame nougats with encrusted almond and can be bought in cartons perfect for gifting.

Another tasty treat is the San Michali cheese famous in Greece because it is made exclusively from fresh cows’ milk. This hard cheese in golden yellow colour is usually grated at the table and tastes similar to Italian cheese. Large stores in the streets stock everything from jeans, watches to sunglasses and crockery at a nice price.

Strolling around the narrow alleys you can discover interesting shops like an old book store with great range of collections. At Hiou Street you can enjoy farm fresh fruits and Greek pastries while engaging in some people watching. After the days shopping, relax at the harbour cafes sipping Greek coffee while waiting for your ferry.