Syros Church of Agios Antonios

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Location: Megas Gialos village

A whitewashed church with a characteristic Cycladic-style blue dome, the Church of Agios Antonios (Saint Anthony) in Syros can be spotted within a few minutes from the beach of Megas Gialos (and right by its neighboring Church of Panagia Thalassini) since it was first built back in 2011! It boasts fantastic domed architecture, as well as a distinctive cross-like shape!

The church has a black-and-white floor and plentiful rows of wooden chairs for its visitors, along with a gorgeous chandelier as its centerpiece! Lots of icons decorate its spaces, whilst its exteriors also feature a white bell tower! Furthermore, the church of Agios Antonios celebrates yearly with a feast on the 17th of January, with its guests receiving soup and wine as a treat after the day’s liturgy.



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