Syros Monastery of Santa Barbara

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Location: Kini

Rumored to have been built around 1900, the nun-run monastery of Santa Barbara in Syros is a building on the road connecting the village of Kini with Episkopio and Alithini! It features an impressive, cross-shaped structure with a large dome, along with a large courtyard and an imposing bell tower right next to the main entrance!

The monastery’s interior houses a plethora of classic iconographies, as well as some wall paintings that depict the story of Santa Barbara, most of which were painted by its founder, Ioakeim Politis! Plus, its altar is filled with beautiful, silver-plated icons, a handful of candelabras, and seating for believers who attend the liturgies and church events.

It is important to note that Santa Barbara was partly used as a weaving workshop, as well as an orphanage until 1995! The monastery now hosts a private kindergarten (operated by the Metropolis of Syros) and is open daily for church service, while it celebrates on December 4th, the day of Santa Barbara’s remembrance.



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