Syros Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary

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Location: Ermoupolis

The impressive church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary is located near the center of Hermoupolis and is one of the most renowned edifices of the island’s capital.

The orthodox temple is a three-aisled basilica without a dome, with very charming rococo and baroque architectural elements, as well as early Christian decorative details. The building process began in 1826 and was completed three years later, while the church was destroyed in 1943 and was renovated in the early 1950’s.

The interior has imposing marble and wooden creations, while the main attraction is a Byzantine icon that depicts the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, crafted by the famous painter El Greco (Dominikos Theotokopoulos). The marvelous artefact is estimated to date back in 1562 and was part of his early works, when Theotokopoulos was studying the art of hagiography back in his homeland, Crete.

The church is easily accessible and can be found near the town’s casino.



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