Syros Jesuit Monastery

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Location: Ano Syros

The Monastery of the Jesuits in Ano Syros can be visited after descending the steps from the church of Saint George. It was founded in 1744 but the building got its current form in 1852. The Jesuit order was established in 1540 in Spain, by monk Ignatius of Loyola. It was an instrument of the Pope, although it has benefited from French protection as well.

The Jesuits played an important role in helping the inhabitants of Syros to get in touch with the rest of the world and they flourished after the Turkish invasion in 1537, due to the special treaties between the Sultan and the King of France. This Monastery, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is the only Jesuit monastery on the island that has survived in such a good condition.

Today two nuns live there, who are followers of Saint Clara. The monastery has a valuable library with 6,000 books, ancient inscriptions, icons, and other objects of worship.



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