Hydra Things to Do

We have gathered a list of the Best Things to Do in Hydra, which includes the absolute must-sees and must-dos of the spellbinding Saronic Island: places to visit, sights, beaches, tours, where to eat, activities, and more.

In brief, the top things to do are to wander around the alleys of Hydra Town, visit the nearby settlements and their stunning beaches, and experience the vibrant nightlife across the port's promenade.

Open the table of contents to see our suggestions for the 10+ best things to do once on Hydra Island.

1. Stroll around Hydra Town and Port

Category: Villages

The island's top attraction is its stunning capital town, built amphitheaterically around the port. The beauty of Hydra is intertwined with its exceptional architecture. That is why, undoubtedly, the best thing to do is to lose yourself in the picturesque alleys!
The scenery comprises stone mansions with blooming courtyards, paved streets, and quaint squares with traditional taverns that will be carved in your memory forever!
Equally impressive are the bastions on the left and right side of Hydra Port.

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2. Visit the coastal settlements

Category: Villages

East and west of the charming Hydra Town lie the two lovely seaside settlements of Vlichos and Mandraki. Those peaceful places with a few permanent residents enchant visitors thanks to their blue waters and tranquil ambiance. Kaminia, situated between the Town and Vlichos, is another serene setting, where visitors can taste delicious fresh fish in one of the local taverns.

Since wheeled vehicles are banned on the island, you may reach the settlements by boat or walking.

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3. Enjoy the sun at the beaches

Category: Beaches

There is one thing that all beaches in Hydra have in common: dazzling azure waters! The beautiful island has both sandy and pebbly, cosmopolitan and secluded, and organized and non-organized beaches, therefore offering a range of options that can meet the needs and tastes of all visitors. Accessing them is possible on foot, by sea, or even by mules. Some of the best beaches, like Hydronetta and Spilia, are located very close to the port of Hydra.

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4. Stay in a lovely accommodation

Category: Hotels

Looking for a place to stay in Hydra? Due to its cosmopolitan nature, the island offers an abundance of unique accommodation options. Our recommendations include:

Cotommatae is a boutique hotel that emits the elegant grandeur of the island. Decorated with authentic furniture and offering several amenities, it guarantees a delightful stay.
Mandraki Beach Resort is among the most luxurious accommodation options in Hydra. Situated on Mandraki Beach, the 5-star hotel boasts five types of suites and several amenities and facilities for its guests to enjoy.
Nereids Guest House is designed according to traditional architecture, with stone being the prominent element. Its terraces and courtyards offer endless views of the breathtaking surroundings.
Hydroussa Hotel offers neat rooms with private bathrooms. It is built in an excellent location that allows marvelous views of the Town. Also, visitors can enjoy their coffee in the hotel’s shared blooming yard.

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5. Eat palatable food next to the sea

Category: Eat & Drink

Dining while gazing at the deep-blue waters of the Aegean Sea while tasting delicious food is definitely a great combination! For this reason, choosing a seaside restaurant at least once while you are in Hydra is one of the best things to do during your stay on the island.

Among the top choices is the Téchnē Restaurant & Social, which is indicated for fine dining, while at Castello you can enjoy superb fish and seafood dishes. For a more traditional experience, consider visiting Kodylenia's.

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6. Experience the nightlife

Category: Eat & Drink

After the sun disappears behind the mountains of the Peloponnese, Hydra becomes more lively!
By sunset, people sit in restaurants and bars beside the sea or on terraces with great views. Late at night, the port’s promenade looks like one large bar club that hosts a huge party and the best thing to do is join it!

Bars in Hydra

7. Visit the historical mansions

Category: Sightseeing

Hydra has a rich historical background, mainly because of its contribution to the Greek War of Independence.
Several impressive mansions now function as museums or cultural venues, where guests can learn more about the island’s history or attend various events.
Lazaros Kountouriotis’ Mansion now comprises a branch of the National Historical Museum, Georgios Kountouriotis’ Mansion hosts the Museum of Meta-Byzantine Art and History, Tsamados Mansion houses the Merchant Marine Academy, while Tombazis Mansion appertains to the School of Fine Arts.

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8. Plan an excursion to nearby destinations

Category: Ferries

The Saronic Islands of Spetses and Poros and the cosmopolitan areas of Ermioni and Porto Heli in the Peloponnese are four superb options for a one-day excursion from Hydra! They are all connected to the island via ferries that depart from the port of Hydra, and itineraries are very frequent during summer. Adding island-hopping to your holiday to-do list is possible for the same reason.

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9. Hike Mount Eros

Category: Sports

Since vehicles are banned throughout the island, trekking is the way to discover several points of interest that are not accessible by boat. Mount Eros (literally translates as Love Mountain) is the highest peak in Hydra. From there, walkers can gaze at breathtaking views of the Saronic Gulf and the Myrtoan Sea. Starting from Chora and until you reach the top of the mountain, you will have met points of interest, such as the Monastery of Prophet Elias.

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10. Attend a festival

Category: Festivals

People of Hydra love to follow the costumes and have fun, that is why they celebrate all events throughout the year. During the carnival, a parade followed by dancing, eating, and drinking starts in Hydra Town. On Good Friday, the bearers of the Epitaph in Kaminia Village dip into the sea with it to bless the waters. Very impressive is also the Miaoulia Festival in June, when the reenactment of the sinking of an Ottoman flagship and an impressive firework show take place.

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11. Try horseriding

Category: Sports

Horse riding is a unique thing to do on its own, let alone when it takes place in such a wonderful setting like that of Hydra! Guided horse tours are among the most preferred activities on the island, as they allow individuals to visit beaches, monasteries, and mountains that are only reachable on foot. We suggest booking in advance if you plan to visit during the summer as last-minute availability is quite unlikely to occur!

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12. Go shopping

Category: Shopping

Lovely tiny shops are situated across Hydra Town, so finding goods or gifts won’t be challenging! A unique item you can purchase is rosaries, as many shops have extended collections. Ceramics, handmade jewelry, clothes, and household items are also for sale at the local market, while high-quality olive oil and local herbs are also good souvenir alternatives.

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13. Book a scuba diving session

Category: Sports

The island of Hydra is beguiling not only on the surface but also underwater! Trying scuba diving will lead you to encounters with astonishing marine flora and fauna, gifting you images that will come with you even after leaving the island.

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14. HydraArk

Category: Other

HydraArk is a non-profit organization founded by animal-loving residents of Hydra and operates entirely through the contribution of volunteers. They aim to take care of stray animals as much as they can and provide for their transfer to a veterinary clinic when necessary, as there is no veterinarian on the island. If you are interested in adopting a small animal or helping them in some other way, you can find out more at www.hydraark.com.