Hydra Festivals & Cultural Events

Of high interest are the various religious festivities that take place on Hydra island. Despite its cosmopolitan atmosphere, the island counts on some important traditional events.

Religious feasts & festivals

Easter celebrations are very impressive in Hydra. On Holy Friday, the most picturesque custom is the litany of the Epitaph in the small port of Kaminia. At the end of the litany, the Epitaph gets into the sea to bless the sea waters. On Easter Sunday, there is the "burning of Judas" in the port of Hydra with many fireworks.

November 14th
The largest religious festival in Hydra takes place on November 14th, on the name day of a local saint, Agios Konstantinos from Hydra.

Cultural events

Miaoulia Festival
The Miaoulia Festival is an impressive celebration that takes place at the end of June to commemorate the burning of the Ottoman fleet from Hydrian sailors during the Greek War of Independence. The festival includes a representation of this naval flight with fireworks, followed by traditional dancing and music.

Summer Cultural Events
Many events take place in summer around the island of Hydra. These events include theatre performances, musical concerts, art and photo exhibitions, sculpture workshops, lectures, and others. Many of these events are organized in open venues or in the Verena Foundation of Arts.

Rebetika Conference
The Rebetika Conference is held every year and it is attended by musicians and fans of rebetiko songs from all over the world.

International Puppet Festival
The International Puppet Festival is organized every year in July or August. The festival involves a set of cultural events, such as art exhibitions, musical and theatrical performances and other parallel activities that cover the interest of all ages.