Hydra Rebetiko Conference

The annual Rebetiko Conference of Hydra: The Hydra Rebetiko Conference is held every year to celebrate rebetiko music, which is the form of music associated with the Greek Underground. Originating from the neighborhoods of Thessaloniki and Piraeus, rebetiko was born in the first part of the 20th century, after the arrival of the Greeks of Asia Minor following the burning of Smyrna and other cities. Using elements of the Turkish musical tradition, rebetika music is played with the folk instruments of bouzouki and its small brothers, baglamas, and tzouras.

The Rebetiko Conference of Hydra is a great event, which brings musicians, experts, and fans of this genre together. Musicians who are familiar with rebetiko arrive on the island from all over the world. They talk about this special kind of music and play rebetika songs, while there is also a platform for budding artists to perform. The conference is usually held in the Melina Mercouri Auditorium or hotel conference centers.