Hydra Nightlife

Nightlife in Hydra: Discover where to go out for dinner, a cocktail, or to party!

Hydra is famous for its lively nightlife, with the many bars and clubs along the port. With a sophisticated and romantic style, the nightlife in Hydra is distinguished for its chill music and all-night parties.

Most bars and clubs are located along the port and stay open until the early hours. In fact, at night, the lined-up bars seem like they turn into one and the promenade hosts one huge party! There are also a few other bars scattered around the island, such as at the beaches of Kaminia and Vlichos, where beach bars function as cafes and canteens in the morning and turn into bars after the sun sets.

Travelers who are not keen on staying awake until late, such as families with small children, usually prefer to dine at one of the multiple lovely restaurants. In and around Hydra Town, one will encounter traditional and modern restaurants alike, with many located in an advantageous spot allowing beautiful views of the cerulean sea.

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