The beautiful island of Hydra is renowned for its energetic nightlife and sophisticated atmosphere. Counting many bars and clubs around the scenic harbor, it offers evening entertainment options for all types. Whether you are looking for a laid-back choice or a mad party evening, you can find it all in one of the Hydra bars, each with a special and friendly character.

Most bars in Hydra are situated along with the port and offer exterior seating, providing charming sea and sunset views. The bartenders prepare smashing cocktails, while resident DJ's play chilly music and organize all-night parties and live music nights.

The most popular Hydra bars with the quirky and exciting atmosphere are Amalour, famous for its great cocktails, and The Pirate Bar, one of the hottest party scenes of the island. For a more relaxed, lounge evening, head to Hydroneta, which stands out for its Full Moon parties and homely environment.

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