Hydra Architecture

Hydra is the most cosmopolitan island in the Saronic Gulf and among the most unique Greek islands. While reaching the port, the island looks like a beautiful painting with brown, gray, white, and blue colors against the blue sky revealing a one-of-a-kind architecture and picturesque beauty that is apparent only in Hydra Town. The authentic mansions with the plain exterior and impressive splendor bear witness to the economic prosperity that the island experienced during the late 18th century. The best examples of Hydra architecture are the Koundouriotis Mansion, the Voulgaris Mansion, and the Tombazis Mansion, all located right on the waterfront.

The stone-built houses of Hydra preserve many of the local elements while some of them look like fortresses. Most have high ceilings, large rooms, wonderful frescoes, and marble floors. Rising over the picturesque and curving alleys, the sublime architecture of Hydra awakens amazing feelings to every visitor. The urban houses rest in the island's traditional settlements, surrounded by beautiful small yards and flourishing gardens. The locals used gray stone to build their houses, creating a charming contrast with the whitewashed properties that lie in proximity. The fact that no cars are allowed on the island makes Hydra even more peaceful and unique! Tourists can use donkeys or their feet, of course, for their strolls in the quaint neighborhoods and the beautiful quarters of Hydra.

Visitors can enjoy their stay in many of the traditional hotels that are designed according to traditional architecture.