Introduction & General Information

Hydra island was first discovered in the fifties and sixties by a group of artists (such as Leonard Cohen or Axel Jensen), attracted by its authentic and magical beauty. So, the island has gained the title of artist colony giving to the island a cosmopolitan and fashionable character.

The charm of Hydra is increased by the fact that the whole island is forbidden to any kind of motorized vehicle and only donkeys can serve as a means to transportation. That is why trekking is one of the favorite activities on the island.

The traditional and wonderful architecture, the absence of vehicles, the hospitability of the inhabitants, the excitement of the nightlife and the high cosmopolitan aspect contribute to the high popularity and the incredible charm of Hydra holiday.

The island of Hydra is not only famous for its beauties and attractions. It has played a historical role during the Greek Revolution. Indeed, during the 19th century, Hydra emerged as a formidable maritime power which put its ships in service of the Revolution. The famous revolutionary, Andreas Miaoulis, was one of the Greek heroes and is still honored on Hydra, where an annual festival is held in his honor.

The numerous beauties of the island, the way of life, the absence of air pollution and the local traditions surviving the growth of tourism give to Hydra a unique atmosphere and makes holidays on Hydra an excellent destination for everyone.