Churches in Hydra

Hydra is one of the best-preserved and picturesque islands of the Saronic, known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and natural beauty. In the heart of the town, some churches and beautiful monastic complexes lie.

One of the most interesting places in Hydra, sitting on a hill, amidst lush green trees is the Monastery of Agia Efpraxia. It was founded in 1825 and today it is inhabited by nine nuns who are involved in the art of embroidery. It lies close to the 9th-century monastery of Prophet Ilias church and both sites are worth visiting for their gorgeous view and historical past. During the Greek revolution, they used to be jails where Greek heroes were imprisoned. Only four monks live there today.

In a beautiful location, at the top of the hill, dominating Mandraki is the Monastery of Agia Triada. It is a typical Orthodox male monastery with austere architecture that contains a library, the monk cells, and guest rooms. It was probably founded in 1704 and in the middle of the complex lies a Byzantine church with beautiful frescoes. It is accessed through a footpath.

In front of the port lies the Church of the Dormition of the Virgin. It was initially founded as a monastery in 1643. At the place where the prison used to be, today is the ecclesiastical museum of Hydra displaying historical documents, jewelry, and icons of the 19th century.

On the east part of Hydra, on top of the unspoiled rocky hill of Ano Zourva rises the Monastery of Zourvas built in 1814. It can be accessed through an ascending path and offers stunning panoramic views to the surrounding wild landscape and the sea. On the way to the monastery, you will meet other churches as well. Close to the main port, above Mandraki bay is found the active convent of Agios Nikolaos. It is open to the public and religious events.

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Monastery of Agia Efpraxia

Close to the Monastery of Prophet Elias, at about 500 meters above the sea level, there stands the Convent of Efpraxia. Some nuns live in the convent and run a small embroidery workshop. It was built in 1865 and the main church is a small building with spare and simple lines.
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Monastery of Prophet Elias

Built in the 19th century, on the site of a small abandoned chapel, the Monastery of Prophet Elias is a good two hours hike from the port. A male community of four monks lives there today. Located on the northern slopes of Mount Eros at an altitude of 500 meters, it offers a magnificent view over the town and the sea.
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Church of The Assumption

The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin is located in the port of Hydra Town. Its main characteristic is the tall bell tower made of pure marble from Tinos. The church was established in 1643 and hosts a small ecclesiastical museum today.

Monastery of Agia Triada

Located above Mandraki, the Monastery of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) was founded in 1704. It is constructed according to the monastic style of simple and austere architecture.

Monastery of Agia Matrona

The Monastery of Agia Matrona is located above the bay of Mandraki and can be reached in an hour on foot from Hydra Town. It is found in close distance to the Monastery of Agia Triada.

Monastery of Agios Nikolaos

The Monastery of Agios Nikolaos is located above the bay of Mandraki and can be reached in an hour on foot from Mandraki. The katholikon has nice 16th century icons and frescoes.

Monastery of Zourvas

The Monastery of Theotokos Zourvas is located on the northern side of the island and can be reached through a difficult hiking path. The monastery is about 2 hours on foot from Hydra Town.

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