Trekking in Hydra

Trekking in Hydra, in the Saronic: Hydra is an amazing place to get in touch with nature. The ideal combination of flora, fauna and rocky landscapes makes trekking in Hydra an enjoyable activity. The good weather, which remains mild almost all over the year, is an advantage for trekkers. Trails on Hydra vary in difficulty, but they are well marked with wooden signs. It always helps if you carry a map with you.

As you walk along the paths, you will encounter a variety of trees, plants and some flowering. Mostly you will see a lot of olive trees, thyme, pine trees, cypress trees, and many wildflowers. Apart from the flora, you will also come across a number of animals, such as donkeys, used by the locals for transportation, and goats and sheep, used for more domestic purposes. Birds, such as quails and partridges as well as other migratory birds, can also be found on the island.

Hereby we propose you some nice routes to follow:

Start from Hydra Town onto Kastraki till you reach Kastro: This path will take about 40 minutes and is ideal for beginners. Some of the key attractions on this path include a 17th-century castle called Kastraki and Mandraki, the old naval station which has now turned into a hotel. Along the path, you will pass by picturesque villages.

Another popular route is from Hydra to the Monastery of Agios Nikolas, a trek that will last you about 1 hour. This relaxing trek to the historical 17th-century Monastery of Saint Nikolas is best known for the landscape that runs quite wild.

For longer treks and for more experienced trekkers, Hydra Town to Xounta of Rigas is a good choice. Starting at the Monastery of Agia Fotini onto the Monastery of the Holy Trinity, the path will lead you to another beautiful church, Agios Nikolaos. The entire trek lasts around an hour and 40 minutes and it gets more difficult as you move forward. Near the Xounta of Riga, the path is much rougher and will be better navigated with an experienced guide.

From Hydra Town to Zoubra is another trek that only experienced trekkers can enjoy. Lasting nearly 3 hours, this trek also goes on from the church of Agios Nikolaos, through a rough path which crosses several abandoned houses, till mountain Ompori. From here the trek gets quite rough. If you continue, you will see a lot of quaint churches on the way and the Monastery of Zoubras. On this trek, you will also cross two dried up rivers, which is quite a remarkable sight.