Hydra Monastery of Prophet Elias

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The Monastery of Prophet Elias in Hydra is spotted at an altitude of 500 meters from sea level, just 100 meters below the highest mountain peak of the island, Mount Eros!

The characteristic whitewashed walls and domed basilica shape make the church of the Monastery of Prophet Elias distinguishable from afar. Also, its gilded candelabras and chandeliers are guaranteed to catch the attention of all its visitors!

Prophet Elias of Hydra is the only male monastery on the island, first established in 1813 by thirteen monks who arrived on the island from Mount Athos! They constructed the monastery on the site of another chapel built in 1771, whereas over time, the monastery of Prophet Elias obtained a sufficient amount of wealth from donations. Furthermore, it was actively involved in the Greek War of Independence that broke out in 1821, while the leading Greek revolutionary figure Theodoros Kolokotronis was also kept as a prisoner in the monastery cells for a total of four months, shortly after a dispute he had with the executive officer of Hydra, Georgios Kountouriotis.

Today, the monastery has a vast library with valuable manuscripts! It was highly organized in 1870 by the abbot of that time, Ierotheos Kostopoulos. Located high up the mountainside, the monastery of Prophet Elias offers a panoramic view over the island of Hydra, the Aegean Sea, and the coasts of the Peloponnese.

The monastery can be reached via trekking for a good two hours from the port of Hydra or taking the cobbled path that begins from the Church of Agios Konstantinos. Following the path, hikers will come to a junction leading either to the Monastery of Prophet Elias (by going straight ahead) or to the Monastery of Agia Efpraxia (by taking the road to the right). You can go to the monastery directly or choose to pass through the nunnery, making a short detour!



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