Hydra Kaminia

General information

Kaminia Hydra: Kaminia is built around a shallow inlet. The quiet settlement can be reached on foot via the promenade of Hydra Town (about 15-20 minutes). It is a more tranquil alternative comparing to Chora. It is just as picturesque, without its constant buzz.

The village doesn't have any souvenir shops, however there are some grocery shops and a school, from which visitors can enjoy a superb view over the island of Spetses. The picturesque marina of Kaminia provides the village with fresh fish. Because of the fact that Kaminia is mostly considered as a fishing village, there are several excellent taverns that serve delicious fresh fish.

Kaminia was built on the slopes of the mountain range of Ere. Because of the growth of the settlement, it has slowly expanded towards the harbor, almost becoming one with Chora.

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