Hydra Bastions

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Location: Town

The Bastions with the cannons that were used for the protection of the port and the village due to war can still be seen around the port of Hydra.

During the 18th century, the island needed cannons to protect it from the attacks of the Turkish fleet. Greek ships at the time were equipped with eight to twenty guns while Turkish frigates had up to eighty guns and Turkish corvettes had up to thirty.
Quantitatively, the Turkish fleet was superior to the Greek fleet so Hydra needed the cannons in case Turkish ships managed to get past those of the Greeks. In the 19th century, there was a probability for Hydra to use its cannons again, as the Greeks battled the Turks.
Fortunately, the Greek fleet had always managed to protect Hydra, and as a result, the cannons have not been often in use.

Guests can admire the bastions on the left and right sides of the port to this day. Below them, one can spot the (now rusty) chains that used to obstruct the entrance of vessels to the port.
In addition, a statue of Andreas Miaoulis, an admiral from Hydra who was a prominent figure in the Greek War of Independence, stands above the left bastion.



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