Aegina Things to Do

We have gathered a list of the Best Things to Do in Aegina, which includes the absolute must-sees and must-dos of the captivating Saronic Island: places to visit, sights, beaches, tours, where to eat, activities, and more.

In brief, the top things to do are to stroll around the picturesque Aegina Town and its port, visit the world-known Temple of Athena Aphaia, go to lovely beaches, and try local delicacies.

Open the table of contents to see our suggestions for the 10+ best things to do once on Spetses Island.

1. Wander around Aegina Town

Category: Villages

The highlight of the island is definitely a stroll through its picturesque capital town! Strewn with lovely neoclassical buildings painted in a palette of bright colors -among them the house of Nikos Kazantzakis, who wrote the world-famous novel Zorba the Greek- bearing witness to the island’s former financial and political bearing, it is bound to delight you with its narrow alleys, beautiful squares and quaint port.

Explore the museums and immerse yourself in Aegina’s rich history and culture, or sit back and relax in its enticing cafes and taverns, sampling the local mouth-watering delicacies and soaking up the unique atmosphere created by such sights as the Kolona, the single remaining column of an ancient temple of Apollo. Stroll along the promenade up to the Bouza Lighthouse, one of the oldest in Greece, and enjoy the wonderful sunset. With so much to see and do, Aegina Town will never cease to amaze you.

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2. Visit the Ancient Temple of Athena Aphaia

Category: Sightseeing

Rising on top of a hill on the site of a former temple, this is one of the architectural wonders of ancient Greece. Dedicated to the goddess Aphaia, but later associated with the cult of Athena, this temple boasts magnificent pediments, depicting scenes of battles fought by Aeginitan heroes during the first and second wars against Troy. There is also an archaeological museum on site, where you will have the chance to see more of the artifacts and sculptures revealed by excavations. Located just 13 km east of the main port, it is very easy to reach too.

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3. Swim in the sparkly waters of the beaches

Category: Beaches

One of the main reasons to come to Aegina is, of course, its beaches, with their clear and transparent azure waters. Though most of them are small, they are organized and equipped with tourist facilities.
Souvala Beach, with its therapeutic hot and cold springs, definitely stands out, as do Agia Marina Beach, which lends itself to a range of water sports, and Marathon Beach, with its mesmerizing scenic splendor. Along the coastline, you will also find other nice secluded coves and unorganized beaches for a relaxing swim.

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4. Stay at a traditional or modern accommodation

Category: Hotels

Looking for a place to stay in Aegina? The island offers many nice options! These are our favorite hotels and accommodations in the area:

Nikolaou Residence in Aegina Town is the former house of Greek painter and sculptor Nikoaos Nikolaou, which has now been renovated and hosts guests in beautiful studios amidst a verdant garden.
Antzi is modern hotel in Perdika. It has lovely rooms, as well as a swimming pool, a restaurant, and a bar. Guests can also enjoy a relaxing massage treatment on its premises.
Marini in Agia Marina is an ideal option for families and groups of friends alike. Located in a 1,4-hectare field, the accommodation boasts several amenities and also offers exceptional views.

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5. Try pistachio in various delicacies

Category: Local Products

The cultivation of pistachios is a long-standing tradition on the island of Aegina! Known for their rich flavor and aroma, the pistachios of Aegina are a trademark of the island and are considered among the best in the whole world! Here you will find unique pistachio-based products, like peanut spread, praline, or paste, traditional pasteli with sesame, pistachio and honey, marmalade, marzipan, syrupy sweets and a plethora of other mouthwatering delicacies, juices and liqueurs.

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6. Taste fresh fish at the local ouzeries

Category: Eat & Drink

They say that the best way to happiness is through the stomach. So, why not sample the island’s fresh fish and seafood dishes along with a shot of tsipouro or ouzo, while enjoying amazing views of the sea?

Notable among them is the Ouzeri o Skotadis, where the simplicity of the delicious dishes becomes a virtue, Kriton Gefseis, one of the most renowned musical meze and raki restaurants in the center of Aegina, and Remetzo Restaurant, with its generous portions and amazing views.

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7. Go on an excursion at Moni Islet

Category: Other

Close to Aegina, just opposite Perdika Village, is the uninhabited islet of Moni, a great place for sailing and excursions thanks to its great turquoise waters and lush nature. Meet the island’s only inhabitants, which are none other than deer, kri-kri goats and falcons. Its beaches are surrounded by verdant pine forests, so you can combine a swim with a hike up the slopes of the islet’s mountain. Don’t forget to take along some supplies, including drinkable water, food and other necessities as there are no facilities on Moni.

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8. Watch a movie at the open-air cinema

Watching a movie in an open-air cinema is one of the best things you can do not only in Aegina but in Greece in general! Summer cinemas are one of the favorite summer outings for Greeks, as the venues are open and set up so that the screening takes place under a starry sky and with a friendly-for-the-eye view from behind.
On the island, in particular, there are two summer cinemas, Anesis and Akrogiali, both located in Aegina Town.

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9. Visit the Monastery of Agios Nektarios

Category: Sightseeing

Established in the early 1900s, this is the most important religious monument of Aegina and one of the most visited sites in Aegina. The Monastery of Agios Nektarios also ranks among the largest monasteries in Greece, while its church is one of the biggest Orthodox churches in the Balkans. Inside it, two small chapels host the mausoleum and holy relics of Saint Nektarios, who was known for his miracles and healing abilities.
Close to the monastery, you will have the chance to marvel at an imposing church dedicated to the saint, which features two high belfries and four series of windows, all covered with red bows. Climb up to the nearby Monastery of the Holy Trinity and take in the amazing view of the surrounding landscape. Be sure to respect the dress code (no open shirts, shorts, and short dresses or skirts).

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10. Take a ride around the city on a horse-drawn carriage

Category: Transportation

One of the most characteristic and charming features of Aegina is the horse-drawn carriages. With the port as their starting point, the drivers will take you all around the town and the suburbs, and they usually offer to act as your guides, pointing out the most important sights, churches, mansions and other highlights. There can be no better way to make your first acquaintance with this picturesque town. And while the ride lasts, you will get to be transported to past eras, feeling like a noble or a film star!

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11. Purchase ceramics from local artists

Category: Shopping

Since ancient times, Aegina has been reputed for its ceramists. So, don’t miss this unique opportunity to visit their workshops and admire a plethora of masterfully crafted items of great aesthetic value, ranging from kitchen accessories to candle holders and other adornments. Buy beautiful souvenirs or even join a ceramics class and feel the magic of creativity.

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12. Explore the inland via trekking

Category: Sports

Rich in history, culture, and unspoiled nature, Aegina boasts several trekking routes covering 45 kilometers in total that will take you through stunning landscapes with breathtaking views, and offer you a unique opportunity to visit some of the island’s less well-known yet no less fascinating sights. Actually, there are about 10 different suggested routes of easy or medium difficulty and all of them are marked with numerous metal plates. Some of the best hiking paths include the route around Mount Hellanion where the temple of Hellanios Zeus stood, the trail to Eleonas, the ancient olive grove with its magnificent centuries-old trees, the 1.2 kilometers-long circular route to the abandoned castle-town of Palaiochora and, last but not least, the one to the Temple of Aphaia. Every two or three weeks, the Association of Aeginian Active Citizens also offers a free guided hike on the island.

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