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Town Village Aegina: Aegina Town is the capital and main port of the island. It is a lovely little town, with beautiful neoclassical buildings of different bright colours, narrow streets, picturesque cafes, nice squares and a lovely port where tiny coloured fishing boats are mooring. The whole town is an explosion of colours, accentuated by the colourful pistachio nuts sold everywhere.

On the waterfront of the long harbour, cafes, fish taverns and little shops are lining, giving to the whole place a picturesque and friendly atmosphere.North of the port of the town, just behind the little beach, is standing the unique column remaining of an ancient temple dedicated to Apollo.

It used to be the ancient acropolis of the island and stand on the top of a low hill. This site is called Kolona (column) and excavations have revealed various ruins as well as a settlement of five thousand years and layers of city life. A little museum displays the various interesting findings.

On other worth-seeing site of the town is the neoclassical house where Nikos Kazantzakis wrote the famous novel Zorbas the Greek. The house is located in the suburb of Livadi and has a plaque on it. Aegina Town has a fish market, situated in a road parallel of the waterfront road of the port, where excellent taverns are serving fresh fish and Greek food of high quality.

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  • oilu243 09 Apr 2009
    One day was not enough
    We went only for one day on Aegina, so we didn't have much time to visit the whole island. Actually, we stayed only in the Town. The nicest spot is the port and the waterfront. Small cafeterias dot the port and you will find it relaxing just to seat and see the boats coming and leaving. Strolling in the centre is a must thing to do, although you will find it very crowded in summer months. For good restaurants, try Vasilis or Kavourina in the waterfront. In a walking distance from the town, you can visit the ancient site of Kolona. It used to be a temple to Apollo in the ancient times but now only one column of it has survived.
  • adelheid21 03 Oct 2008
    Walk along the waterfront
    We went to Aegina only for one day from Athens and saw just the capital village, not the rest of the island. As the ferry was approaching the port, you could see the temple of Apollo with only one column standing today. The waterfront of Aegina was lovely, the typical waterfront of a Greek island with gift shops, taverns and cafeterias. The food was great, especially the sausages, delicious! I am a German and I know about good sausages!! Best tavern Avli.