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Located 14 km east of the main port, the coastal village of Agia Marina with its namesake church, is a settlement attracting many visitors, as it is the region where the renowned Doric sanctuary of Athena Aphaia solemnly dominates the surrounding landscape.

Paleochora, a ruined town that used to be the capital of the island, has 33 churches bearing testimony to the magnificence of Greek architecture and is very popular among tourists. The vibrant nightlife of Agia Marina is in sharp contrast to the quiet and peaceful look of the village during the daytime.

The crystal clear waters, the sandy beach with a pine forest descending to the shore, and the lively nightlife attract huge numbers of tourists, both from Greece and the rest of the world. In Agia Marina, there are many restaurants and taverns, cafes and bars, where you can enjoy tasty meals and drinks, as well as a dance or two. Some bars and places play Greek music so you can experience a truly traditional Greek night out.

In addition to the popular beach, there are also some interesting sites in Agia Marina that should be visited. One such site is the Doric Temple of Aphaia, built with local limestone. It has been preserved in a very good condition throughout the years. The temple was built on a hill 4 km north of the village. Impressively enough, the Acropolis of Athens and the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion were built in such a way as to create an isosceles triangle with the temple of Aphaia.
In the ancient years, these three temples had visual contact, so they could signal and inform the people, in case of an enemy attack or a natural disaster.

For water sports lovers, this is a paradise on earth, as the sandy beach of Agia Marina is ideal for windsurfing amongst other activities. On the beach you will find small stalls, renting all the necessary equipment for water sports. For those who prefer peace, tranquility and fewer people around, you can find small nearby bays and beaches where you can enjoy the sea without being disturbed.

If you are in Aegina on the 17th of July, don't miss the traditional religious festival of Agia Marina that takes place with music, dancing and drinking. As far as accommodation is concerned, there is a selection of hotels and rooms operating in Agia Marina, where you can find comfortable and affordable accommodation for your stay here. 

Hotels in Agia Marina

We have made a selection of the best hotels in Agia Marina.
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Liberty II

Hotel2 stars

Liberty II is a two-star hotel with stripped-back double rooms, private balconies, a cafe-bar spot, a daily breakfast, a lounge spot, and views over the sea of Agia Marina.

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Apartments Rooms Suites4 keys

Marini Luxury Apartments and Suites is a detached establishment up a hill overlooking Aegina, providing suites, apartments, and rooms with comfortable interiors, a shared swimming pool, a jacuzzi tub, an in-house bar restaurant, and excellent views over the countryside.


123 Soleil

Apartments Studios Rooms3 keys

The residence of 123 Soleil Studios in Agia Marina provides a set of stripped-down rooms to its visitors, with simple, whitewashed interiors, twin wooden beds, well-equipped kitchenettes, sufficient air-conditioning, and views over the countryside and the Saronic Gulf.


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2 Reviews
  • Jennifer Havord 22 Jul 2022
    Absolutely breathtaking
    This absolutely breath taking, amazing building, reduced me to tears with it's sheer beauty and architectural statement. The precision and majesty of the columns, the whole design is truly incredible. What an amazing and fascinating building. I am humbled.
  • iert003 08 Nov 2008
    Trek to the Temple of Aphaia
    Agia Marina, along with Souvala, is one of the tourist resorts on Aegina. It has a beautiful beach with cozy taverns, cafeterias and hotels nearby. Apart from its beach, Agia Marina is also famous for the Temple of Athena Aphaia, a bit away from the village. This temple is partly ruined today but beautiful, especially in the sunset, when there is a romantic atmosphere. You can trek there from Agia Marina. A big traditional festival is held in the village on July 17th. Unfortunately, we missed it for a few days, as we didn't know it and went three days later.