Aegina Hiking

Hiking in Aegina: Aegina offers a unique opportunity for hikers that should not be missed. The municipality and the people of Aegina in cooperation with various environmental organizations have managed to track and signpost nine different hiking trails that showcase Aegina’s distinct beauty and natural sceneries.
The program is called Paths of Culture and is dedicated to allowing visitors to learn about Aegina and its history through hiking!

• Trail 1: Circular trail of Ellanio Oros

This trail begins at Anitseo Village, near one of its chapels, Kimisi Tis Theotokou (Dormition of the Mother of God). Hikers will pass through the small villages of Vlahides, Sfentouri and Achlada. There you can see the traditional souvales, Aegina’s stone-built water cisterns. After that, the ascent to Mount Ellanio Oros begins, at the top of which, you can see the archaeological site of Ellanio Oros with the chapel of Profitis Ilias and the Temple of Ellanios Zeus in the village of Taxiarches. After the descent, you will finally end up at Anitsaio.
Length: 8.8 km
Duration (without stops): 6 hours

• Trail 2: Sfentouri - Elaionas

This trail begins at the cobblestone path in the village of Sfentouri. The path passes by Souvala Achlada, a stone-built water tank, and the ancient Olive Grove. There, you will get the chance to see the “eternal” olive trees of Aegina, which have been in the area for milleνnia. The path ends at the chapel of Agia Triada and can connect with the next trail from Pachia Rachi.
Length: 3 km
Duration (without stops): 1 hour and 15 minutes

• Trail 3: Circular trail of the ancient Olive Grove

The trail begins from the second beach of Marathonas. After taking the nearby dirt road, you arrive at the village of Kapotides, and eventually ascend to the traditional village of Pachia Rachi. From there hikers pass by two churches, Agios Dionisios and Agia Triada, to eventually reach the ancient Olive Grove. The descending path from the Olive Grove back to the beach of Marathonas is clear.
Length: 5.8 km
Duration (without stops): 3 hours

• Trail 4: Circular trail of Chrysoleontisa

The trail begins in Pachia Rachi, taking an uphill road from the local cemetery that eventually leads to the historic Panagia Chrysoleontissa Monastery. From there that path is fairly flat and it leads to the plateau of Agios Leontios. The trail moves to the nunnery of Chrysoleontisa, before eventually going back to the small village of Pachia Rachi.
Length: 6 km
Duration (without stops): 2 hours and 30 minutes

• Trail 5: Circular trail of eastern Aegina

The trail begins once again from Agia Triada in Anitseo. It passes through the traditional villages of Kilindras and Portes. Both villages offer impressive images of stone-built paths and natural sceneries. From Portes, you can ascend towards Anitseo, completing the trail.
Length: 5.8 km
Duration (without stops): 3 hours and 15 minutes

• Trail 6: Skotini - Chrysoleontisa Monastery

The trail begins from the creek of Skotini. Hikers pass by the entirety of the creek and the village of Freatsio. Afterward, you will circle around the village of Tzikides and its incredible view of the Saronic Gulf and the harbor. Finally, you end up on an uphill path that leads to the monastery of Chrysoleontisa.
Length: 5.8 km
Duration (without stops): 2 hours and 30 minutes

• Trail 7: Circular trail of Palaia Chora

This is the shortest trail of the network and it tours around the old capital of Aegina, the ghost village of Paleochora. The trail begins from the entrance of Palaia Chora, next to the church of Timios Stavros. The path takes hikers on a tour of some of the most important landmarks of the area, like three churches of the town’s total of 35, the center of town, the Agora, and the ruins of the old medieval castle. Since you will have to reach some high points of town, you will also get the chance to enjoy some impressive views of the nearby areas.
Length: 1.2 km.
Duration (without stops): 40 minutes

• Trail 8: Bike ride through the forest

This is a unique trail that can be completed both by hiking or riding a bicycle. It has the same start as the previous trail, however instead of heading into Palaia Chora, hikers follow the trail to the pine forest of Mesagros. After the village, you arrive at Mesagros, where you can see the traditional clay workshops that have operated in the area since ancient times.
Length: 5.2 km
Duration (without stops): 2 hours and 30 minutes (hiking) or 45 minutes (bicycle)

• Trail 9: Mesagros - Aphaia

This is a peripheral route of the forest and village of Mesagros, that leads to an uphill path to the ancient Temple of Aphaia and the temple’s museum. Hikers will enjoy the vast plant life of Aegina along the way, before reaching one of the island’s most important monuments.
Length: 2.5 km
Duration (without stops): 50 minutes