Aegina Mesagros

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General information

The old mountainous village of Mesagros is located northeast of the town of Aegina. It is famous for its ceramic pottery and many talented potters from there are renowned all over Greece for their traditional ceramics.

Mesagros is a wonderful village to visit while in Aegina and affords some wonderful views of the island and the Temple of Aphaia. It is a very relaxing place, where visitors can enjoy some very peaceful moments. The village itself is very pretty, and throughout the year, the flourishing flora and fauna give the village a unique palette of beautiful colors and aromas.

The house of Rodakis is a must-see when visiting the village. This house is a prime example of the architecture of the 1880s and is preserved in very good condition. It represents the traditional architecture that Greece was once famous for. In the old center of Mesagros, you will come across the old church of Politissa, which was built by families who fled Constantinople in 1453 and functioned as the parish church of the village.

The modern-day parish church is that of Agios Konstantinos, where a big annual celebration is held on the 21st of May, with festivities that everyone is welcome to attend. The geographic position of the village, close to the Temple of Aphaia, has given a great boost to the village regarding its tourist development. Its accessibility has greatly contributed towards the flourishing tourism industry in the village.

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