Agios Nektarios Monastery in Aegina

The Monastery of Agios Nektarios in Aegina Greece: The Monastery of Agios (Saint) Nektarios is the most important religious monument of Aegina, located 6 km from the center of Aegina Town. The monastery was founded by the Bishop of Pentapolis Nektarios around the period of 1904-1910, after the request of several nuns. Bishop Nektarios settled down in Aegina in 1908, yet the monastery operated again in 1904 under his guidance while he remained in Rizarios School. He lived in the monastery for 13 years and he was buried under a plane tree outside the church of the monastery.

The church has two high bell towers and four series of windows, all covered with red bows. Below the monastery, where 14 nuns are still living there today, there is an imposing church dedicated to the memory of Agios Nektarios. Following the steps up, there is the church of Saint Trinity. Inside the monastery, there are two small chapels which actually host the tomb and holy relics of Agios Nektarios. His cell which was his home is found behind the two chapels and it is open to the public.

Agios Nektarios has been a popular priest and educator at the beginning of the 20th century. He is also known for his innumerable miracles and his healing abilities when he cured a demonized man. Another significant event convinced the locals for his sainthood when they asked him to pray for a drop of rain on the island. Those two events were perceived as signs from God. After a severe illness, he died in 1920. Today, this monastery is one of the most visited sites in Aegina. His memory is celebrated on November 9th with local festivities.

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