Aegina Moni Islet

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Location: Moni islet

The islet of Moni is located southwest side of Aegina, opposite Perdika village. Moni is a great place for sailing and excursions, as it boasts great turquoise waters and lush nature. The island is not inhabited, as there is no drinkable water. The only inhabitants are some animals and, in particular, some deer, kri-kri goats brought from Crete, squirrels, peacocks and falcons. The deer and the peacocks have grown especially accustomed to human presence, and they may even come close to you on the beach! Moni was under the jurisdiction of the Greek Touring Club for 30 years. Thus, in 1962, it was decided that it should be enriched to become a game-breeding natural park.

Moni islet has some small beaches suitable for swimming, especially on the north coast. These beaches are surrounded by nice pine forests. If you are fond of climbing or hiking, you can cross the slopes of a steep mountain on the northern side of the islet. The path leading to the top has a German lookout post, which has been standing there since World War II when the Germans used the islet to defend the port of Piraeus from the Allies.

If you visit the islet, it is advisable to take some supplies with you, including drinkable water and food. To go there, you can take a boat from Perdika. The itineraries are regular in the summer and a trip takes about 10 minutes.



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